“I am my mother’s son”
— Da13thsun™

Elements of the sun: approx. 73% hydrogen, 25% helium, o.80% oxygen, o.36% carbon


From French: hydrogène, coined by Louis-Bernard Guyton de Morveau, from Ancient Greek: ὕδωρ ‎(húdōr, “water”) + γεννάω ‎(gennáō, “I bring forth”).

Wait a minute!!!

So the meaning of hydrogen is literally “I bring forth water” or “I bear water” or “I am water”?!  In other words, just like our bodies, the sun is over 70% water and likely more than that.  Who would’ve thought such a thing (sarcastic laugh here).  This literally means that our elemental makeup mirrors the sun.  this is amazing!!!  The phrase Children of the sun holds so much more clarity than ever before.  This truly means that the sun is the father.  A son is birthed by his mother so in turn the sun is the mother.  This makes perfect sense as the sun rises from the water (womb) and sets back into the water (womb) every day and night.  Who is that one and only naga serpent water bearer?  Take a wild guess.  Water is 13 as well.

This revelation once again proves that big amma mama (13love) is everything she needs to be.  The divine essence that is she is infinite beyond measure.

The sun/son is the embodiment of a sound being (13), mind/body/soul radiating in full life giving light and life to all of his seeds.

since the son is the mother and the children are their father, the mother is also the children.

Like Da13thsun™ has said many times, “Amaru is u r Ama”

The righteous shall rise as one hive.

Complete honey bees from the high seas of their queen.

13Love 13wisdom 13knowledge 13raspect

Be Da Sun.