Watch your smart ass mouth before your ass gets popped
— Every great Mother & Father everywhere ever


From Middle English: smerten, from Old English: smeortan "be painful"; from Proto-Germanic: *smertaną ‎(“to hurt, ache”),*smarta- (cf. Middle Dutch: smerten, Dutch: smarten, Old High German: smerzan, German: schmerzen "to pain", originally "to bite"), from Proto-Indo-European: *smerd- "pain, to bite, sting ", an extension of the root *mer- (2) "to rub; to harm" (cf. Greek: smerdnos "terrible, dreadful"; Sanskrit: mardayati "grinds, rubs, crushes"; Latin: mordere "to bite").


From Middle English: smartsmartesmerte; Late Old English: smeart "painful, severe, stinging; causing a sharp pain"; related to smeortan.  Proto-Germanic: *smartaz ‎(“hurting, aching”); from Proto-Indo-European: *(s)merd- ‎(“to bite, sting”).  Cognate with Scots: smert ‎(“painful, smart”); Old Frisian: smert ‎(“sharp, painful”).

Something told me to take a closer look at ache, so let's do that.


From Middle English: aken ‎(verb), and ache ‎(noun); from Old English: acan ‎(verb) (from Proto-Germanic: *akaną ‎(“to be bad, be evil”)) and æċe ‎(noun) (from Proto-Germanic: *akiz); both from Proto-Indo-European: *ag- ‎(“sin, crime”).  Cognate with Low German: aken, achenäken ‎(“to hurt, to ache”); North Frisian: akeligæklig ‎(“terrible, miserable, sharp, intense”); West Frisian: aaklik ‎(“nasty, horrible, dismal, dreary”); Dutch: akelig ‎(“nasty, horrible”).

Who would've thought smart is synonymous with ache and pain.  Do you see ache means "bad, evil, sin, crime"?  No wonder great Mothers would beat that ass if their children caught a smart mouth.  Disobedience to what is right and just is a rebellious spirit aka against life herself.  A major thing that comes to the forefront of my mind is "smartphones".  Everyone has them, but since before they came the norm until now, there's been a seemingly never ending decline in the collective intelligence of the human race.  Android is the most popular smartphone platform and ironically (insert sarcasm) most folks resemble lawless and "rebellious" androids more than divine sentient beings.  People are glued to their smartphones waiting for the next social media update, sporting event update, text message, phone call, email, low vibe music or whatever other nonsense/smut is lurking.  Being in a constant state of "hurting, aching and pain" is definitely not conducive to continual love, knowledge, wisdom, liberty or the pursuit of happiness.  If you also take a deeper look at the meaning of pain, you'll see that it traces back to mean "to pay".  Sounds like an ode to paying karmic debt.  When you pay more attention to your smart phone or your own connotative understanding of what smart is, karma seems to roll up next to you and say "time to pay up, homie".  A la, here comes the pain.  If you've noticed over the years, most people interact with other people via smart phones most of the time; those interactions are typically mundane in nature with an emphasis on complaining about matters of no real importance.  We all have to vent from time to time, but to continuously complain on a daily basis strongly hints at one being in a lot of pain.  In all honestly, that's a very fitting result when you fail and/or outright ignore the fact that you must focus on yourself and become the best you can be forever out here in this thing we call life.  Anything less would be a slap in the face of our universal creator Big Amma Mama.  She created us to be life and life we must be.  Life is the law and ignorance of the law is no excuse.  When people break the law they catch pain.  Now I know why Moms would say, "watch your smart ass mouth before you get popped".  Disrespecting your Mother results in direct and acute pain.  I know you see the "mar/mer" in the etymological breakdowns.  Mars/Mers/Moors are those ancient law enforcers in addtion to being love.  Love is everything she needs to be.  If she needs to pop ya ass in the mouth for being disobedient, then she'll allow the smarts to come your way.  It surely pays to be bad or evil and not in a good way.

All in all, you don't want to be smart or be attached to anything dealing with smart if you want to avoid getting popped in the mouth lol.  In these last days we need to be humble more than ever.  We didn't create ourselves and we fasho can't create trees and clean drinking water in an instant.  The ego is evil whispers personified.  Higher powers run this show and we need to remain as humble as a bumble in the jungle and rooted to who we truly are.  Children of our divine Mother and Father.  Be love, live, laugh.  Re-obey her laws to attain and maintain a future and don't live in the past.  Life is too precious to give all of our attention and efforts to a square piece of plastic.  Use them as business tools, don't let the tools use you.  "Nature heals all wounds."  13Love

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Satan hates you.. that’s why she said ‘if you’re smart, spell {it}’ lol
They say don’t walk into the light, but everybody’s walking and staring down at the smartphones.