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Maybe you've been waiting for this post or maybe not, but today is a day of clarity.  You hear and see this word being used and thrown around a lot, but do you have a firm grasp of the meaning?  How can one be truly connect to that which they speak, if they have no standing to the spirit of origin?  Let's go.

From national +‎ -ity, recorded since 1691, perhaps modeled on French: nationalité; ultimately from Latin: nātio ‎(“nation, people”).

1690s, "national quality", from national -ity (in some usages perhaps from French: nationalité.

Nationality easily breaks down to national + -ity as you see above.  -ity is a suffix that means the quality, condition or state of the word attached; in this case, nationality is meant to be "the quality or condition of being a national.  Let's cruise through national next.


1590s, from Middle French: national (from Old French: nation), and also from nation-al.  As a noun, "citizen of a (particular) nation".  From Middle French national

Quick recap.  We're learning that a national is a citizen of a particular nation.  I don't like to use the word citizen, so I'm going to replace it with "member".  Just sounds a lot better.  The suffix "-al" goes on to mean “of the kind of, pertaining to, having the form or character of”.  So, a national is a member that possesses marks, features or traits of the nation he/she belongs to.  Characteristics can be national customs, dress, language or a moral code of conduct.  Being a national seems to be more like a contract or covenant.  Your deeds or actions (energy signatures) determine your relationship to everything in this world.  Attaining and maintaining a nationality is no different as our deeds hold the most intrinsic value.  We are who we say we are and honestly, communication is 99% non-verbal.  Read our post on ESTATE for more insight and parallels on how being a national is an accord between the member and the governing body/sovereign/authority.  Now onto nation.


A body of people inhabiting the same country, or united under the same sovereign or government; as the English nation; the French nation. It often happens that many nations are subject to one government; in which case, the word nation usually denotes a body of people speaking the same language, or a body that has formerly been under a distinct government, but has been conquered, or incorporated with a larger nation. Thus the empire of Russia comprehends many nations, as did formerly the Roman and Persian empires. Nation, as its etymology imports, originally denoted a family or race of men descended from a common progenitor, like tribe, but by emigration, conquest and inter-mixture of men of different families, this distinction is in most countries lost.
— 1828 Webster's Dictionary

From Middle English: nacion, nacioun, borrowing from Old French: nation, nacion, nasion ‎(“nation”), from Latin: nātiōnem, accusative of nātiō, (g)nātiō ‎(“nation, race, birth”) from (g)natus, past participle stem of (g)nasci ‎(“to be born”).  Displaced native Middle English: theode, thede ‎(“nation”) (from Old English: þēod), Middle English: burthe ‎(“birth, nation, race, nature”), Middle English: leod, leode, lede ‎(“people, race”) (from Old English: lēod).  Compare Saterland Frisian: Nation ‎(“nation”), West Frisian: naasje ‎(“nation”), Dutch: natie ‎(“nation”), Middle Low German: nacie ‎(“nation”), German: Nation ‎(“nation”), Danish: nation ‎(“nation”), Swedish: nation ‎(“nation”)

1250-1300; Middle English < Latin: nātiōn- (stem of nātiō) birth, tribe, equivalent to nāt (us) (past participle of nāscī "to be born") + -iōn

Old French from Latin: nātiō "birth, tribe" from nascī "to be born"

1300, from Old French: nacion "birth, rank; descendants, relatives; country, homeland" (12c.) and directly from Latin: nationem (nominative natio) "birth, origin; breed, stock, kind, species; race of people, tribe" literally "that which has been born," from natus, past participle of nasci "be born" (Old Latin: gnasci). 

Origins include race, birth, nature, tribe, rank, descendants, relatives, country, homeland, origin, breed, stock, species and the most thought-provoking of them all "to be born".  In order to fully innerstand and overstand this turn of events, we need to remember in order to be born, someone must give birth that which is to be born.  Who can give birth?  If your first thought was a Mother, you're on the right track.  Since we like to do things full circle around here, who is the Mother of all Mothers, matter and creation?  If you thought Big Amma Mama, give yourself a high five (insert high five).  If you've read any of our posts before, though, especially our post on QUEEN, you'll remember that THE Most High, Big Amma Mama, is the creator of ALL life and she is the matter of the entire universe.  NOTHING can be created without her authority.  A plant, a human, a diamond can only be created by her will; through her daughters (the wombs of Earth), she creates all nations via children.  After all, women do have enough eggs in the womb to start a nation.  Go figure.  This is rooted.

If we run with the Latin root gnasci for a while, we'll also find that it comes from the Proto-Indo-European root *ǵenh₁-; which is also very similar and almost the exact same Proto-Indo-European root as QUEEN.  Now we have unshakable evidence that nation and Queen are one and the same.  WOW.  I'm feeling real good right now, so let's break down BORN so we can really bring this post 360°.


From the verb to bear.

I highly suggest that you read our previous posts on BARROWCLARITY and HUMBLE.  You'll see that bear is actually a clever way to reference a MOOR.  Moors are daughters and sons of THE Most High, Big Amma Mama; in all reality, they're her children and royal heirs to her estate (The Kingdom of Heaven), if they're righteous.  Bear also traces back to mean to shine, to be bright, to be light and to be clear.  These descriptions are a few of the main features pertaining to celestial bodies (stars and suns).  Hence, where the terms seastar and seasun originate from; as above, so below.  The sky is the sea and Mother/matter at her true essence is dark matter water.  Let's not bypass this fact, Mothers DO indeed carry (bear) their children for nine months (three trimesters) within the darkness of their wombs TO BE BORN as her reflection.  Just like when you plant seeds into the dark soil and wait for them to sprout and bear fruit.  Maybe that's why Da13thsun™ always says U R Ama (Amaru) as a serious and truthful effort to remind us all we're children of The Most Highs.  We just need to get back to nature and get right within ourselves first and foremost.  Nature was also a meaning of nation too, don't forget.  Mother Nature as a phrase is in no way a coincidence.  More like a blatant fact that Mama IS nature and all true life comes from and resides within nature.  You gotta love these simple words with simple, infinite meanings.

After everything has been added up, we see that the realest nation out here is THE WOMB and the pure, undiluted meaning of nationality is... A MEMBER (CHILD) OF THE MOST HIGH WOMB, BIG AMMA MAMA.  You can really only be a child of a womb/woman, but I've included member just to tie in what we've covered so far.  Big Amma Mama is THE supreme sovereign of the entire universe and her Nation (more like Empire) is Love; 13Love to be exact; the highest vibration on the planet.  If you read our post WHAT IS A MOOR?, you were reminded that Moor means love in many languages all around the world, as among many other powerful words.  A true and living Moor is undoubtedly a royal Child of The Most High(s).  As royalty is passed through by bloodlines, so true heirs need to have that pure blood to reclaim their birthright as a royal heir (child) of her kingdom (Heaven/Eternal life).  Blood is water, so keeping your waters pure is of the utmost importance in a world full of filth and pollution.  Purity is also a synonym of brightness and clarity.  Whoa there.

If you're in the so called "conscious community", you've probably heard of filing paperwork and reclaiming your nationality as a Moor.  Now we see filing papers is not even the beginning nor the most important aspect.  GETTING BACK TO NATURE, GETTING HEALTHY, LOVING YOURSELF, TAKING BACK CONTROL OF YOUR ACTIONS, THOUGHTS AND DEEDS, BECOMING YOUR STRONGEST, BECOMING MIGHTY, STUDYING AND REMEMBERING WHO YOU ARE AND BECOMING THE PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL EMBODIMENT OF 13LOVE is the RIGHT WAY to go about claiming your nationality.  We're at the end of the age, everything real has to go back to the source and no shortcuts and lies (fraud) will be accepted.  At our source, the righteous are children of The Most Highs aka Moors.  The truth shall set us free and that truth is 13 (Amma Mama and her sons).  Children of The Most Highs need to dress accordingly too.  If you remember that part of being a national is representing the nations morals, traits and even dress.  True Moors keep their heads covered with crown jewels, the women dress modestly, yet elegantly and the men stay sharp and respectful with palil shawls and Hashema protection bracelets.  Everyday they're like brand ambassadors of their Mother's (the sovereign) principles of LOVE, PEACE, TRUTH, FREEDOM AND JUSTICE.  Everybody is born a Moor, but every Moor may not be pure enough to be royal (that's where Dirty Moors come into play).  As within, as without; true Moors are simply servants to a higher purpose.  To spread 13Love around the world and reach the lost children of their Mother's womb (nation).  So when people talk about nationality, are they in tune with the divine essence breathing freely or are they stuck in a two dimensional box grasping for air (power)?  Life and power go hand in hand, true power comes from HE(A)R(T).  What's my nationality?  I am a Moor, a righteous child of The Most High.

True nationality has nothing to do with skin color, it's what's in your heart.  Get right and stay light because life begins with Clarity.

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Now get your monkey ass back to nature!
— Da13thsun™