This might be my favorite word of the year (see what I did there?).  Just repeating this over and over just fills the body with power.  Let's see why.

From Middle English: mighty, mighti, myghty, miȝty, maȝty, from Old English: mihtiġ, mehtiġ, meahtiġ, mæhtiġ ‎(“mighty”), from Proto-Germanic: *mahtīgaz ‎(“mighty”), equivalent to might +‎ -y

Adj. Old English: mihtig, earlier mæhtig, from miht; Cf. Old Frisian: mechtig, Old Saxon: mahtig, Dutch: machtig, German: mächtig

At first glance, we see that mighty is primarily a compound of two entities: "might" and "-y".  The suffix "-y" meaning "full of or characterized by".  So, in essence, mighty means "full of might or characterized by might".  What is might anyway?



From Middle English: might, myghte, (also maught, macht, maht), from Old English: miht, mieht, meaht, mæht ‎(“might, bodily strength, power, authority, ability, virtue, mighty work, miracle, angel”), from Proto-Germanic: *mahtiz, *mahtuz ‎(“might, power”), from Proto-Indo-European: *mógʰtis, *megʰ- ‎(“to allow, be able, help”), corresponding to Germanic: *maganą + *-þiz.  Cognate with Scots: micht, maucht ‎(“might”), North Frisian: macht ‎(“might, ability”), West Frisian: macht ‎(“might, ability”), Dutch: macht ‎(“might, power”), German: Macht ‎(“power, might”), Swedish: makt ‎(“might”), Icelandic: máttur ‎(“might”), Gothic: 𐌼𐌰𐌷𐍄𐍃 ‎(mahts).  Related to may.

before 900; Middle English: myghte, Old English: miht, meaht; cognate with German: macht, Gothic: mahts; akin to may

Old English: miht, earlier mæht "might, bodily strength, power, authority, ability," from Proto-Germanic: *makhti- (cf. Old Norse: mattr, Old Frisian, Middle Dutch, Dutch: macht, Old High German: maht, German: Macht, Gothic: mahts), Germanic suffixed form of Proto-Indo-European root: *magh- (1) "be able, have power"

We have bodily strength, power, authority, ability, virtue, mighty work, miracle, angel, to allow, be able and help.  This is a very fitting list of origins for a word that has such a mighty aura attached to her.  Quickly touching base with our intro at the top of the page, the spirit of mighty does indeed validate and confirm the feeling of power that takes place once invoked.  This word should be in everyone's daily rotation of vernacular.  As we get into the various different spellings from all of the origins, I'm seeing a trend that reminds me of the name Matt/Matthew.  We even see the Old Norse origin spelled as "mattr" and that definitely reminds me of Matt and even more so reminiscent of the word mattar/matter.  If you've read any of our previous posts or checked Da13thSun's Twitter feed at any time, you'll remember that matter/matter is literally a variation Mother.  In this instance and almost every other instance (seems like Mother is connected to everything), the Mother we're referring to is THE divine essence, Big Amma Mama.  Once again, let us reiterate that she is THE supreme Mother of the entire universe and of all creation.  Nothing can exist without her will and authority.  Let's let that soak in for a few minutes... wow, that's purely possessing great POWER.  It's no wonder that a word like mighty means to have power and traces back to literally mean the most powerful being to ever exist, period.  You might also know her as Ma'at (there goes Matt again), the embodiment of universal law herself (scales of justice).  Who'da thunk might would be a lawful spirit.  Go figure.

I don't know if you noticed, but they're telling us to check out what the origin of MAY is.  Let's swoop.



From Middle English: mayen, moȝen, maȝen, from Old English: magan, from Proto-Germanic: *maganą, from Proto-Indo-European: *megʰ-. Cognate with Dutch: mag ‎(“may”, first and third-person singular of mogen ‎(“to be able to, be allowed to, may”))

Old English: mæg "am able" (infinitive magan, past tense meahte, mihte), from Proto-Germanic root: *mag-, infinitive *maganan (Old Frisian: mei/muga/machte "have power, may;" Old Saxon: mag/mugan/mahte ; Middle Dutch: mach/moghen/mohte; Dutch: mag/mogen/mocht; Old High German: mag/magan/mahta ; German: mag/mögen/mochte; Old Norse: ma/mega/matte ; Gothic: mag/magan/mahte "to be able"), from Proto-Indo-European: *magh- (1) "to be able, have power" (cf. Greek: mekhos, makhos "means, instrument", Old Church Slavonic: mogo "to be able", mosti "power, force", Sanskrit: mahan "great").

The overwhelming consensus is that may traces back to mean "to be able".  Firstly, may reminds me of water (read our post on REMEMBER to see why) and water we all know by now is matter aka THE Mother once again.  Nothing can live out here without water and that's all facts around the town and back.  Now onto able.  Able really is and sounds like "A Bull".  In Hebrew, a bull was represented by the symbol/letter Aleph and denoted a leader, chief, elder, power, strength, authority and shepherd of a people.  The actual ancient symbol for this letter was the literal depiction of a bull's head.  Go figure.  A bull is used to pull/lead heavy things, used to farm/till the land for farming/crops and are more than renown to be one of the strongest species on the planet for these very reasons.  Same can be true for True Moors, as True Moors were symbolized and thought of as mighty bulls (Running of the Bulls).  True Moors were born to be leaders of humanity and guide/lead/pull them to higher states of consciousness and well being.  Once again, as you should already know, True Moors are the children of Big Amma Mama; her ambassadors of love, truth, peace, freedom and justice, better known as 13LOVE.  Since able is the equivalent to may, it's safe to say power comes from the water, better known as Big Amma Mama, the most powerful being in ALL the universe.  Everything real seems to always trace back to HER.  Go figure again 13 times.

Usually, I'd go into the etymology of able next, but that's such a powerful word it deserves its own post.  To bring every full circle, mighty is may and may(mry) is water and water has been able to give, sustain and allow life to thrive since the beginning of time.  To be MIGHTY is truly to be a child aka MOOR of THE QUEEN BIG AMMA MAMA and be a reminder/ambassador of her divine principles of LIFE and they are once again: LOVE, TRUTH, PEACE, FREEDOM AND JUSTICE.  Reading these principles reminds me that it's all about LIFE, LIFE, LIFE, LIFE AND LIFE.  LIFE is the LAW, the LAW is 13LOVE.  The MIGHTIEST are those who remain MERRY/MRY/MARY aka joyful/full of life/lawful/righteous and walk with the truth, grace and power of the Christ Yahushua, as he was undoubtedly a True Moor.  Don't forget that MOOR/MR means PYRAMID too and they were literally powerhouses (sources of energy) for entire communities in ancient times.  Whether something can hold power or not hold power usually signifies whether that entity or object will be useful.  I mean, come on, an electromagnetic being is supposed to possess great power (life force).  Anything less would technically be considered dead in the eyes of the law.  Now you may see why black and Moor are literally and lawfully complete opposites.  In my opinion, being mighty in spirit as well as physically is equally as important because universal law is as above so below and as within as without and real life is about balance; so why not be mighty in mind, body and spirit, if you're a Moor without defect?  That almost makes too much sense and now I'm getting goosebumps as I type.  MIGHT be why I like to say CHRIST IS A BODY BUILDER.  (We'll touch back on that more in depth at another time).  Who knew Mama is truly whatever she needs to be.  Mighty and nurturing.  You can now say they're the same thing.  Maybe when Bruce Lee said, "be like water", he was really saying... "be mighty".


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