What if I told you ‘joy is the law’?
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From Middle English: justice from Old French: justise, justice (Modern French: justice), from Latin: iustitia 'righteousness, equity', from iustus "just", from ius 'right', from Old Latin: ious, from Proto-Indo-European: *yews-; Middle English: rightwishedrightwisnes "justice" (from Old English: rihtwīsnes "justice, righteousness", compare Old English: ġerihte "justice").

"the exercise of authority in vindication of right by assigning reward or punishment;" also "quality of being fair and just," from Old French: justice "justice, legal rights, jurisdiction" (11c.), from Latin: iustitia "righteousness, equity," from iustus "upright, just" (see just (adj.)). The Old French word had widespread senses, including "uprightness, equity, vindication of right, court of justice, judge." The word began to be used in English c.1200 as a title for a judicial officer.  Meaning "right order, equity" is late 14c.  Justice of the peace first attested early 14c.  In the Mercian hymns, Latin: iustitia is glossed by Old English: rehtwisnisse.  To do justice to (someone or something) "render fully and fairly showing due appreciation" is from 1670s.

Right off the bat, we see RIGHTEOUSNESS is the meaning/synonym of justice.  Go figure.  We posted the etymology of righteous not too long ago.  Go read that real quick for complete clarity.  We also see equity, upright, just, jurisdiction, legal rights, and right order.  I'm seeing RIGHT so much that it's reminding me of the post we did on REAL.  Right and real are synonymous as well and real is another variation of royal/royalty.  We all know by now that true royalty resides within The Most Highs and The Kingdom of Heaven (THE supreme court).  Makes perfect sense that real justice comes from the highest court ever to exist.  Word to Big Amma Mama, Hashema and pops, Yhashem.

Let's breakdown JUST real quick since that's our root word.



1325-75; Middle English < Latin: jūstus "righteous", equivalent to jūs "law, right" + -tus

From Middle English: juste, from Old French: juste, from Latin: iūstus ‎(“just, lawful, rightful, true, due, proper, moderate”), from Proto-Italic: *jowestos, related to Latin: iūs ‎(“law, right”).  Scots: juist ‎(“just”), Saterland Frisian: juust ‎(“just”), West Frisian: just ‎(“just”), Dutch: juist ‎(“just”), Low German: just ‎(“just”), German: just ‎(“just”), Danish: just‎ (“just”), Swedish: just ‎(“just”).

"righteous in the eyes of G-d; upright, equitable, impartial; justifiable, reasonable", from Old French: juste "just, righteous; sincere" (12c.), from Latin: iustus "upright, equitable", from ius "right", especially "legal right, law", from Old Latin: ious, perhaps literally "sacred formula", from Proto-Indo-European root: *yewes- "law" (cf. Avestan: yaozda- "make ritually pure").

Righteous is representing big time in these findings.  What a coincidence. (Insert sarcasm).  Though, we do see law as the origin and twin of just.  We also have: rightful, true, proper, moderate, upright, righteous in the eyes of G-d, equitable, impartial, reasonable, sincere and sacred formula.  Must be safe to say that justice is essentially "the quality of being lawful, right and equitable."  Justice sounds sweeter than sweet tea with extra raw orange blossom honey.  I've waited until now to point out that the deepest roots of justice/just have been the Proto-Indo-European roots of *yews and *yewes because Yew is exactly the same as saying Yah.  Yah as in The Lord of Lords, King of Kings, many into one, one and only father of righteous children, Hashem?  Yep.  Go figure that 13 times over and under.  The Lord is The Law.  Let's peruse some more.


"Right, law, duty; court of law"; From Proto-Italic: *jowos, from Proto-Indo-European: *h₂yew-, an extended form of the root *h₂ey-


Back-formation from the noun *h₂óyu ~ *h₂yéw-, from the root *h₂ey- ‎(“vital force, life, age, eternity”).

In an amazing turn of events, we've found out that JUSTICE traces all the way back to mean LIFE!  LAW IS LIFE, YEW IS LIFE, YAH IS LIFE, HASHEM IS LIFE.  Remember he is her so Hashem is Hashema so once again, BIG AMMA MAMA IS THE LIFE aka ALL LAW aka ALLAH (AL means "the" in Spanish as well) and her son and his sons are the law enforcers aka ambassadors of the law.  No wonder why the Moor's divine principles are love, truth, peace and justice.  They were created to be the living embodiment of these same royal virtues, hence the five pointed star on the national flag.  True Moors are undoubtedly heavenly bodies (stars) within the dark matter celestial seas of Big Amma Mama.  Shining bright and being right (executing justice) for all to see and take heed so the righteous children can continue to breathe.  Her law possesses all the remedies.  Mother Nature heals all wounds.

We all must be just in actions and everyday lives so we too can make that trek back into the safe haven of heaven (eternal life) in these last days.  As we can clearly see more than ever, the law is truly and spiritually life herself.  The life we give is the life we live.  Life is water.  If you want justice, get back to nature and have The Most High's essence of freshness flow into your heart (and lungs).  Just look around, real life only originates and resides within nature.

It's also quite interesting that justice ultimately traces back to have the same meaning as our slogan.  I wonder...

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Yeshua, the one called Justus...
— Colossians 4:11