If realness is relative, my father who art in heaven.
— 13Clarity™

This is probably the most misused word in the entire dictionary, though most people have no idea.

Let's be real...


Borrowing from Old French: reel, from Late Latin: reālis ‎(“real, actual”), from Latin: rēs ‎(“matter, thing”), from Proto-Indo-European: *reh₁ís‎ (“wealth, goods”).

From Proto-Indo-European: *rēy- ‎(“thing; possession”).

From Latin: rēgālis ‎(“royal, regal”), from rēx ‎(“king”) + -alis, from Proto-Indo-European: *h₃rḗǵs ‎(“ruler, king”).

early 14c., "actually existing, true;" mid-15c., "relating to things" (especially property), from Old French: reel "real, actual," from Late Latin: realis "actual," in Medieval Latin: "belonging to the thing itself," from Latin: res "matter, thing", of uncertain origin.  Meaning "genuine" is recorded from 1550's; sense of "unaffected, no-nonsense" is from 1847.

Quick recap.  Real as an adjective means: actual, matter, thing, wealth and goods.  All of these words strike a cord on the interesting guitar, as matter leads back to mean Mother and we all know Big Amma Mama is the Mother of all Mothers.  Anything real has Sirius ties to THe Queen of all creation without question.  Also, interestingly enough, thing traces back to the word assembly which is assemble and that words duly means "to bring together as one".  Wait a minute, isn't that the same function of our father who art in Heaven, Hashem?  Many into one?  Twelve into one to make that 13th perfect entity (or should I say community) of harmonic heavenly bodies (stars and suns).  If you read our etymology post about commerce, you would have seen our breakdown of "goods", as it literally means commodities, which in turn, literally means with measure or as I like to say "with love".  As a descriptive word, anything real is everything love.  13Love to be exact.  These words can give life, if you learn right.  Go figure.

On to the noun version.


From Spanish: real ‎(“royal”), from Latin: rēgālis ‎(“regal, royal”).

From Portuguese: real ‎(“royal”)

Funny how at first glance real seems to sound and look like Rey/Ray/Roy Al/El.  Two divine titles within a short four letter word.  Rey/Ray as a noun, means king and Al/El as a noun, means mighty, ruler, leader, king, G-d.  Our pervious etymology post on sovereign let's you know that true royalty only comes from heaven and is created by the most royal being ever in the mystery of existence, Big Amma Mama, THe Womb.  Seems more than fitting that real correlates with and is a synonym of rulership; as she created her sons to set the record straight and keep the kingdom clean.  All in all, real sees real and real is in the bloodline.

Back to real as an adjective.  Do remember seeing wealth as one of the meanings?  You do?!  Great!  Let's break that word down next.



From Middle English: welth, welthe, weolthe ‎(“happiness, prosperity”), from Old English: *welþ, *weleþu, from Proto-Germanic: *waliþō ‎(“wealth”).  Alternatively, possibly an alteration (due to similar words in -th: compare helth ‎(“health”), derth ‎(“dearth”)) of wele ‎(“wealth, well-being, weal”), from Old English: wela ‎(“wealth, prosperity”), from Proto-Germanic: *walô ‎(“well-being, prosperity”), from Proto-Indo-European: *wel- ‎(“good, best”), equivalent to weal +‎ -th. Cognate with Dutch: weelde ‎(“wealth”), Low German: weelde ‎(“wealth”), Old High German: welida, welitha ‎(“wealth”).  Related also to German: Wohl ‎(“welfare, well-being, weal”), Danish: vel ‎(“weal, welfare”), Swedish: väl ‎(“well-being, weal”).

1200-50; Middle English: welth; modeled on health

mid-13c., "happiness," also "prosperity in abundance of possessions or riches", from Middle English: wele "well-being";  analogy of health.

If I had to guess prior to looking up this word, I would've guessed meaning like well being, prosperity, happiness, good, best, welfare as representatives.  However, seeing health as an analogy of wealth is somewhat shocking (not really).  The age old phrase of "health is wealth" is etymologically 100% correct.  Go figure.  If you've read our post on sound, you'd see that health is also a meaning of sound and sound is basically a real fly way of saying water aka like aka swimming in The Most High Seas aka the Kingdom of Heaven, forever out here™.  The fact that real traces back to essentially mean water/heaven is just more frosting on an organic plant based carrot cake.  Let's upgrade health is wealth to health is "real is water".  Without water, nothing real could breathe.  Only fake people can function without water (a la clones).

In conclusion, I don't think everything people label or say is real is truly real because the only things that can lawfully claim to be real are heirs of heaven and heaven herself.  Anything else is a fraud, lawfully speaking.  Maybe that's why illusions are crumbling before our very eyes every second of every day in these last days.  Real people are in full life and are members within the Body of Christ within the Kingdom of Heaven aka The Most High Seas aka the dark matter cosmic ocean of Big Amma Mama.  Don't forget "matter" is also one of the meanings of real.  Everything is everything and the meaning of real is no exception.  If royalty is loyalty, real is...

Forever Out Here™

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The only thing real is the word.
— 13Clarity™

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