Talk is cheap.
— Ancient Moorish Proverb

Maybe those group chats you're in everyday aren't the best thing for you after all...



1400-50; late Middle English; short for chatter

mid 15c., "talk idly, babble," short for chatter  (v.).  Meaning "to converse familiarly" is from 1550s.  Sense of "flirt with, ingratiate oneself with"


1520s, "chatter, frivolous talk;"

German: kosen "to talk, or prattle"; Irish: ceadach "talkative"; ceadac  "a story or narrative"; Spanish: cotorra  "a magpie"; cotorrera  "a hen-parrot, a talkative woman"; Greek: κωτιλλω "to prate"; Dutch: koeteren  "to jabber", and kwetteren  "to chatter"

1828/1844/1913 Definition

To talk idly; to prate.

I'll be honest, I didn't know chat traced back to mean so many silly things, but I knew chatting like a bird all day everyday was bad for your health.  Meanings like: idly, babble, flirt, ingratiate, prattle, magpie, prate, jabber and chatter, really put human interaction into an entirely new perspective.  Additionally, if you think about it for a second, most chat groups/rooms, social media feeds are full of nonsense 99.9% of the time.  Maybe that's why they exist to keep people distracted? (Rhetorical question)



1200-50; Middle English: chateren  "imitative"

early 13c., chateren  "to twitter, gossip"; earlier cheaterenchiteren, of echoic origin. Cf. Dutch: koeteren  "jabber"; Danish: kvidre  "twitter, chirp"


From Middle English: chateren, from earlier cheterenchiteren ‎(“to twitter, chatter, jabber”), of imitative origin.  Compare Flemish: schateren ‎(“chatter”), schetteren; Dutch: koeteren ‎(“jabber”); German: dialectal kaudern ‎(“to gobble (like a turkey)”); Danish: kvidre ‎(“to twitter, chirp”).

Wow, did you see twitter mentioned more than a few times?  Personally and professionally, I feel that Twitter is an amazing platform to promote, network and progress for business purposes 24/7.  On the flip side, outside of business, that site is one place where you can get lost in nonsense and gossip, if you're not carefree and focused.  Social media makes so much more (non)sense now.  (Laugh)

For some reason, IDLE is jumping up down screaming at me like a guy who just lost big money at a thoroughbred racetrack.


before 900; Middle English, Old English: īdel (adj.) "empty, trifling, vain, useless"; cognate with German: eitel


late 15c., "make vain or worthless," from idle (adj.).  Meaning "spend or waste (time)" is from 1650s.  Meaning "cause to be idle" is from 1789.  Sense of "running slowly and steadily without transmitting power" (as a motor) first recorded 1916.


Old English: idel  "empty, void; vain; worthless, useless; not employed"; common West Germanic: (cf. Old Saxon: idal, Old Frisian: idel  "empty, worthless"; Old Dutch: idil, Old High German: ital, German: eitel  "vain, useless") of unknown origin.  Idle threats preserves original sense; meaning "lazy" is c.1300.

Old English: īdel, from West Germanic: *īdla-, from Proto-Germanic: *īdalaz.  Cognate with Dutch: ijdel  ‎(“vain”); German: eitel ‎ (“vain, conceited”).

Empty, trifling, vain, useless, worthless, waste of time, running slowly without transmitting power, void, not employed, lazy and conceited.  Amazing to see that each of these words are direct synonyms of such a simple word as chat, yet once again, I encourage us to think for a minute.  Most chats/chat groups people have these days live up to those very same meanings.  Social media has made it even easier to fall into the spell of chatting about an abundance of useless topics like: who is fucking/dating who, who said what about so and so, what is so and so wearing that/this, "oooh girl did you hear about this", why is he/she with them, my man/woman is getting on my last nerves, so and so did this to me, she/he sent what to who, etc.  All of these listed topics are just a small sample of the daily things people choose to speak on and all of them are dumb as fuck and not helping anybody heal themselves and raise their vibration up to go back home.  13

We're supposed to remember/heal ourselves again so we can value and love others (as ourselves) and BE the change in this sick sad world.  How can we store up our wealth/value within, if we SPEND too much energy immersed in uselessness, emptiness and void conditions?  How can a being regain trustworthiness, if they only speak of worthless things?  How can a man get rich, if he's stuck on stupid and lazy?  How can a man stay a living man, if his conversations/conversions are empty?  Everything is everything and everything is commerce, so every interchange/interaction you have with others is a transference of goods/life (the life we give is the life we live™).  Choosing to trade your life/energy/breath for basically nothing is bad business and will leave you broke sooner than later guaranteed.  Chatting too much can actually lead to the voluntary abandonment of your own vessel (body).  Real spiritual beings are in full life at all times (Clarity Daily®).  You can't be truly living, if you're not in control or in your body in the first place.  Lower entities can only overtake weak or empty vessels and will every time.  Essentially, to chat is to devalue yourself and freely put yourself on the black market to be claimed by demonic forces.

If you're not speaking to genuinely help others, spread 13Love or expand business, there's honestly no reason to speak whatsoever.  Majority of people in this world aren't real anyway.  In my opinion, the people that like to chat too much or share too much are most likely clones or so so far gone in their own ego and self hate to notice.  Remember, we literally choose our estate by the words we choose to speak.  The Kingdom of Heaven is the richest and wealthiest place in the ENTIRE universe.  You will never get an invite to that big dance, if you keep chatting about dumbass bullshit of no real importance.  Something that is void is something that doesn't exist.  To exist is to be, to be is to live.  Life is love.  To live/love is what we're on this planet to remember to be.  Last time I checked, the dead can't speak to the living so what's left?

How can anyone in a group chat get right, if everybody in the group chat is not right yet?


Silence is golden.
— Ancient Moorish Proverb

forever out here™

clarity daily®