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Do you remember the time?

Middle English: remembren < Old French: remembrer < Late Latin: rememorārī, equivalent to re- re- + Latin: memor mindful +-ārī infinitive suffix

early 14c., "keep in mind, retain in the memory," from Old French: remembrer "remember, recall, bring to mind" (11c.), from Latin: rememorari "recall to mind, remember," from re- "again" + memorari "be mindful of", from memor "mindful".  Meaning "recall to mind" is late 14c.; sense of "to mention" is from 1550s.

From Middle English: remembren, from Old French: remembrer ‎(“to remember”), from Late Latin: rememorari ‎(“to remember again”), from re- + memor ‎(“mindful”), from Proto-Indo-European: *mer-*(s)mer- ‎(“to think about, be mindful, remember”).  Cognate with Old English: mimorianmymerian ‎(“to remember, commemorate”), Old English: māmorian‎ (“to deliberate, plan out, design”).

As you can see, remember initially traces back to mean: to be mindful of again, recall to mind, to think about, commemorate and design.  Sounds pretty basic at first glance, though did notice how the Proto-Indo-European roots of *mer- and *(s)mer- snuck in there amongst all of these other word origins (that look extremely close to Moor) for a quick shout out?  If we were to continue on our usual journey of breaking down words in a somewhat linear manner, we'd run into some trickery.  Nevertheless, good thing we all know the true meaning of Mer/Mers/Murs/Moors is life herself (Big Amma Mama for the win again).  Forever thankful we've learned how to navigate around little pieces of dog dookie to find the truth.

So, we'll have to breakdown remember into three parts: RE + MEM + BER.

Let's begin.


Word-forming element meaning "back to the original place; again, anew, once more"

A prefix, occurring originally in loanwords from Latin, used with the meaning “again” or “again and again” to indicate repetition, or with the meaning “back” or “backward” to indicate withdrawal or backward motion


Hebrew: mēm, akin to mayim water

From Phoenician: ‎(mem, “water”), from Proto-Semitic: *maʾ- ‎(“*maʾ-/*may-”).  From Proto-Afro-Asiatic *maʾ- (water).

Akkadian: (mû); Arabic: مَاء ‎(māʾ); Algerian: ما ‎(mā); Andalusian: ما ‎(mā); Bahrani: مي ‎(me); Chadian: المي ‎(almi); Egyptian: مية ‎(máyya); Gulf: ماي ‎(māy); Hassaniya: ما ‎(ma); Hijazi: مويه ‎(mōya); Iraqi: ماي ‎(māy); Lebanese: ماي ‎(māy); Libyan: مي ‎(me)مياه ‎(mmayya); Moroccan: ما ‎(mâ); Sudanese: موية ‎(mōya); Syriac: ܡܝ̈ܐ ‎(mayyā); Hebrew: מַיָּא ‎(mayyā)

MA! MA! MA!  We've repeatedly mentioned in each post that the Queen Mother of the entire universe, Big Amma Amma is life aka water bka the lifeblood of all creation.  Etymologically speaking, we haven't lied at all.  Amaruuuuuuuu! 


Ber is also bar/bear since vowels are interchangeable in this language.  If you've read any of our older posts, you'll remember that bear is also a synonym/code word to reference a Moor, but since remember is a verb, let's take a deeper look at bear as it pertains to an action.

From Middle English: beren ‎(“carry, bring forth”), from Old English: beran ‎(“to carry, bear, bring”), from Proto-Germanic: *beraną, from Proto-Indo-European: *bʰer-.  Akin to Old High German: beran ‎(“carry”), Dutch: baren, Gothic: 𐌱𐌰𐌹𐍂𐌰𐌽 ‎(bairan), Latin: ferre, and Ancient Greek: φέρειν ‎(phérein), Albanian: bie ‎(“to bring, to bear”), Russian: брать ‎(bratʹ, “to take”).

Old English: beran "to bear, bring; bring forth, produce; to endure, sustain, to wear"; from Proto-Germanic: *beranan (cf. Old Saxon: beran, Old Frisian: bera, Old High German: beran, German: gebären, Old Norse: bera, Gothic: bairan "to carry, bear, give birth to"

As we spoke on in our post of barrow, bear seamlessly goes back to mean "to carry, bring, bring forth, produce, etc".  Once again, as a noun, Bear also means to be a Moor.  As bar/ber/ben in Hebrew literally means son.  Sons/Suns of Big Amma Mama will forever be Moors.  They're her life, love and joy personified.

In conclusion, RE- means "again", MEM means water and BER means "to bear, to carry".  If we combine these terms and rearrange them to make sound sense, we would get TO BEAR WATER AGAIN.  Wait a minute?  Am I saying to remember is to be as those ancient water bearers/Moors that brought knowledge, wisdom and 13love to a world stuck in darkness?  Yes, I am.  I don't know if you've noticed, but the world has fallen into a ridiculously serious dark age once again and one last time the ancient ones have to returned to bring LIFE (water) to those ready and willing to be healed, sealed and become real forever out here.  This is truly the land of the dead; people get paid millions of dollars to promote and sing about death all day everyday and they focus on nothing but IT 24/7 365 without a second thought.  85% of the population is in a zombie state.  The only way out of this hell forever is to remember (carry water again/be ALIVE) and walk as Christ did.  Not only was he a bodybuilder, he was also a son/Moor of Big Amma Mama and a water bearer in his own right; he taught the Lord's children the truth and healed the diseases from a willing faithful.  That's 13love.  A true King of Kings from The Kingdom of Heaven (Most High Seas of eternal life).

This other crap that people do is not living in any essence of the word.  True life is full of joy, love, smiles, uplifting others, building communities, building businesses, eating honey, fruits, vegetables, singing, dancing, drawing, playing outside, sun gazing, sunbathing, lifting weights, being child like, getting back to nature, better known as PROMOTING HEALTHY LIVING, THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS AND BEING A SOUND EXAMPLE.  Anything less than remembrance is fraudulent.  We're at the end of an age where all frauds will get there cards pulled never to be returned again.  Don't be that guy.  Be alive.  Be remembered.

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To remember is to live again.
— 13Clarity™