In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Hashem, and the Word was Hashem.
— John 1:1

From Ancient Greek: ἔτυμον ‎(étumon, “the true sense of a word according to its origin”), from ἔτυμος ‎(étumos, “true, real, actual”).


I figured it'd be appropriate to actually let people know what etymon/etymology actually means.  For many, they may not know what I'm talking about when they read these posts.  Firstly, I love etymology because I love getting to the root and true meaning of words I use on a daily basis.  By taking that extra step to find out what I'm actually saying, I'm taking further control over my thoughts and actions to my benefit; clearing the fog and allowing me to re-obey The Most High's laws.  Shout out to Rio Bey Originals™.

Let's remember that vowels are interchangeable and breakdown etymon into two words: ety + mon to (ity + man).


suffix forming abstract nouns from adjectives, meaning "condition or quality of being ______," from Middle English: -ite, from Old French: -ité and directly from Latin: -itatem (nominative -itas), suffix denoting state or condition, composed of connective -i- + -tas 

For example, clarity is (clear + ity) and means a state of being clear.  Now in the instance of etymon, the ety/"ity" is placed at the beginning instead of the end, but I didn't let that stop me from seeing the codes.  Once again, "ity" is a state or condition and if you take a look at our post on Estate, the dots will connect a little more for you.


Old English: manmann "human being, person (male or female); brave man, hero; servant, vassal, from Proto Germanic: *manwaz (cf. Old Saxon, Swedish, Dutch, Old High German: man, German: Mann, Old Norse: maðr, Danish: mand, Gothic: manna "man"), from Proto-Indo-European root: *man- (1) "man" (cf.Sanskrit: manuh, Avestan: manu-, Old Church Slavonic: mozi, Russian: muzh "man, male"). 

Let's preface this by stating that the first man is the WOMBMAN.  All life comes from the womb so any other explanation would be ridiculous, absurd and downright dishonorable.  A man is a human being and being requires more than just breathing and eating.  True being is giving a helping hand, giving life to your fellow man and honoring the divine essence that gives life to all by simply being yourself (Noble Drew Ali).  Furthermore, bearing good fruits (works of love) and making your Mothers and Fathers proud to claim you as (t)heirs.  A real man/(womb)man is full of electricity, light and remains buzzing like a light bulb.  In other words, renown for bringing warmth in the cold, light in the darkness, food during famine, and strength to the weak and fatherless.  To bee is to fly.

Th state of a man is within th spirit and th soul.

The true state of man is love.  Man is Moor.  Undoubtedly.  Love is eternal, all powerful, peace, freedom, truth, justice, the law and everything she needs to be.  A transformer.  A Naga Serpent.  Water.  The Sun.  Just take a look at the endless different species found within nature.  Millions... and billions more that are probably never to be "discovered" by modern humans.

To truly be alive, one must allow the false and indoctrinated connotations of what life is to die and let the love of our supreme universal creator Big Amma Mama rebirth their spirits and souls to set them free.  At our best, at our cores, in our original essence, condition and state of being, we are love.  Hashem is love.  13 is love.  13 weeks in a season.  13 cycles of the moon.  13 major joints in the body.  As above, so below, as within, as without.  13 is life.  13Love to TLC 13Love Community™ Private.

Be a Man.

Forever Out Here™


Words are swords, you can speak life or death.
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