1275-1325; from Latin from Greek: charaktḗr "graving tool, its mark" equivalent to charak- (base of charáttein "to engrave") + -tēr agent suffix; replacing Middle English: caractere from Middle French from Latin

Mid 14c.; carecter, "symbol marked or branded on the body;" mid-15c., "symbol or drawing used in sorcery," from Old French: caratere "feature, character" (13c., Modern French: caractère), from Latin: character, from Greek: kharakter "engraved mark," also "symbol or imprint on the soul," also "instrument for marking," from kharassein: "to engrave," from kharax: "pointed stake," from Proto-Indo-European root: *gher- "to scrape, scratch".  Meaning extended in ancient times by metaphor to "a defining quality."

As we can see, the meaning of character has to do with an engraved mark.  To further innerstand, let's look at the etymology of "mark".


before 900; Middle English; Old English: mearc "mark, sign, banner, dividing line, borderland"; compare with German: Mark "borderland, unit of weight", Old Norse: mǫrk "forest (orig., borderland)", unit of weight, Gothic: marka "boundary, borderland", Latin: margō; Middle English: marken; Old English: mearcian; compare with Old Frisian: merkia; Old High German: marchōn, Old Norse: marka to plan

From looking further into the meaning of "mark", we can see that character is an engraved sign, banner and dividing line.  We break this down into two opposite attributes of the "dividing line": good/high character and bad/low character.  In my opinion, good character is synonymous with love, and I can't help but to notice the "mar" within mark.  If you read our What is a Moor? post, you'd know that Mar is a form of Moor which is also love.  Bad/low character is synonymous with hate and evil, in my humble view.  These two polar opposite qualities seem to tie back to that ancient war of good vs evil.  Your character is determined by your love of self, your love of others and your deeds.  If you're full of love aka light, your "mark" will be the divine glow around your body as you glow within.  If you're full of evil/hate, your mark would be the darkness/dark clouds around you as the darkness consumes you within.  Gold seal/soul/glow vs the mark of the beast/death/darkness.  Love is beautiful, inspiring, full of LIFE, bright, purity and DA essence; hate is ugly, depressing, bumpy, lifeless, black aka a dirty Moor hahaha!

In other words, high character is Clarity Daily®.  Be that 13Clarity™ for the world.  13Love