Before 900; Middle English: quene, quen; Old English: cwēn "woman, wife, queen, female ruler of a state"; Proto-Germanic: *kwoeniz (cf. Old Saxon: quan "wife," Old Norse: kvaen, Gothic: quens); Germanic: *kwēni-; akin to Old Irish: ben; Greek: gynḗ "woman"; Russian: zhená "wife";

from Proto Indo European: *gwen- "woman, wife, honored woman" (cf. Greek: gyné "a woman, a wife"; Gaelic: bean "woman, wife;" Sanskrit: jani "a woman, wife" and gná "wife of a god, a goddess"; Avestan: jainish "wife"; Armenian: kin "woman"; Old Church Slavonic: zena "woman, wife"; Old Prussian: genna "woman"; Gothic: qino "a woman, wife"; qéns "a queen")

Queen doesn't mean "quean, a homosexual male"; let's clear that misconception up first and foremost.  Sounds like some new age people trying to take a true queen's power.

Clearly, the spirit of queen has always been within a woman/wombman; the one who brings forth life into existence.  The Most High Amma Mama is THE supreme womb in the entire universe that creates the ALL, "the Queen Bee-ing"; it's only fitting she'd name her daughters after her.  While tracing back the origins, I came across "jani".  The meaning of this in Sanskrit is "to know/knowing".  Who is more all knowing than Amma?  Nobody.  If we remember that "j" is a relatively new letter in relation to the history of language, we'll remember that anything "j" should be replaced with a "y"; now we have "yani" or "yoni".  Yoni means "vagina or womb".  I think this is amazing.  We went from queen to jani to yoni; meaning that the "the womb knows".  Whose womb?  Amma Mama's.  She passes that wisdom down to her righteous daughters and sons.

Wait a minute, sons?  Now if we take a quick look at the Old Irish word for queen we'll see "ben".  In Hebrew and Arabic "ben" means son.  In other words, the son is the mother.  Mother?  In Sanskrit mother is "matar" like "matter".  You mean like dark matter?  Yes, exactly what we were going to refer to next.  Dark matter is the celestial high seas of Amma Mama.  Funny how all of this is tying in.  If Mama came first, the father is the mother and the son is the father, so at the beginning and end of the day everything ties/ankhs back to Amma/matar/dark matter/the most high seas.  U R Ama/Ama U R.  Amaru. U Moor.  MaMU.

Mama is the brightest, purest, holiest, whitest, most glorious being in all of existence.  Take a gander at the meaning of "gwen".  It's only right she'd create her children to be bright stars and suns themselves.  We come from Mama so Mama is DA love.  She controls the waters and life herself.  We must abide by her laws to maintain existence.  Her milk is the breath of life and her wisdom is like honey.  13Love to the true Queens!



Luz Adriana Villa A.  /  Foter  /  CC BY