(used with object)

1.  to secure (a ship, boat, dirigible, etc.) in a particular place, as by cables and anchors or by lines.

2.  to fix firmly; secure.

(used without object)

3.  to moor a ship, small boat, etc.

4.  to be made secure by cables or the like.


1485-95.  Germanic from Old English: mǣrels- in mǣrelsrāp "rope for mooring a ship", "to fasten (a vessel) by a cable"; late 15c., probably related to Old English: mærels "mooring rope," via unrecorded *mærian "to moor," or possibly borrowed from Middle Low German: moren or Middle Dutch: maren "to moor"


A ship is another term for vessel, a vessel is another term for body, a body is also a reference to the human body.  So from this meaning, we can take that moor as a verb (an action) is to secure a body with cables/ropes and anchors.  Now let's remember what Moor means as a noun because these two "separate" meanings definitely coincide and go together.  A Moor is essentially a being from heaven(a higher realm of existence/the Most Highs seas) that comes down to essentially teach humanity how to live according to the laws of nature (get back to nature).  Also known as the laws of Ma'at, Allah, Allat, Big Amma Mama, universal principles for sustaining life.  Take a look at What is a Moor? for a more in depth explanation.

What is this anchor used to secure ships/vessels/bodies?  An anchor is just another way of saying "ankh".  The ankh is a symbol of eternal life or as we like to say "Forever Out Here".  Now what's more securing and instills stability in a body than life itself?  All life comes from the divine womb of our great universal mother Big Amma Mama, being anchored or ankh'd is being in tune with nature (having your feet/soul/spirit planted and connected back to the source), yourself and following all universal laws.  This is what true Moors (the noun) teach and exhibit to humanity. 

A Moor is a physical and spiritual embodiment of a rope/cable/securing agent being descended from Heaven/the Most High Seas/Big Amma Mama herself to assist and pull up those fallen/lost beings that are willing and able to take heed, climb back up to heaven/the Most High seas and re-obey her laws through the messages she gives her sons and daughters (ropes/cables).  Secure also means to fasten; fasting as it relates to the human body allows one to become more secure/connected to the divine essence within themselves.  Moor as a noun also means love; what's more loving than sending love and grace to lost beings that forgot who they were or have been messing up too much before it's too late and they're gone forever?  In these last days, Mama has sent her suns/stars back to secure some of these beings for the trying times ahead.  

All beings that remain lawless never connected/anchored/ankh'd themselves back within nature.  They reap what they sow.  Sow no life, receive no life.  Basic universal law.  We say, "The life we give is the life we live".  A seed can't grow without being planted and rooted within the dirt (dark matter womb) that gives life to all.

It's almost 2016 in Gregorian time and people are still saying that Moor means black.  Don't fall for {it}.


That's what you are.

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