Before 900; Middle English: berw, beruh, bargh, berg; Old English: beorg "hill, mound"; also bearwe, from Middle High German bere, bier, bear; Old Norse: bjarg; Gothic: bairgahei "hill"; Old Frisian to Old Saxon to Dutch to Old High German: berg "mountain"; Old Norse: bjarg, berg "cliff"; Armenian: berdz "height"; Welsh: bera "heap"; Avestan: bərəz-, bərəzant-; Sanskrit bṛhánt "high"

"mound," Old English: beorg (West Saxon), berg (Anglian) "barrow, mountain, hill, mound," from Proto-Germanic: *bergaz (cf. Old Saxon, Old Frisian, Old High German: berg "mountain," Old North: bjarg "rock"), from Proto-Indo-European root *bheregh- "high, elevated" (cf. Old Church Slavonic: bregu "mountain, height," Old Irish: brigh "mountain"; Old Persian: bard- "be high")


Interestingly, the spirit of barrow means a mound, mountain, rock, high, elevated.  This reminds me of what what 'MR means in our What is a Moor? post a few weeks back.  Also can be compared to the word "bear" as a verb, which means to carry, bring forth, birth.  Isn't the entire objective of Moors (divine messengers) to carry and bring forth a message(s) of how to repair and rebirth fallen humanity?  If so, a Moor is also a bear.  Bear also means "bright" and "brown".   The original Moors were bright(full of light/light beings) and brown.  What a coincidence lol.  Moors are also pyramids that come from a high elevated place; sounds a lot like heaven or the womb/most high seas of the universal creator Big Amma Mama, where all love/life manifests (check out our post on Haff).  Now look at Pope Benedict's coat of arms at the top of the page and tell me what this imagery is about.  Big Amma Mama and her suns/sons/stars the Immortals/Moors/Saints/Messengers/Lords/Bulls/Apostles/Loves.  The message that they are bringing forth is to get your ass back to nature and trust in Yah(The Most High essence) within yourself.

Bears love honey too.  The only food that doesn't spoil aka is immortal.  Go figure.

  It's 2015 and some people will still tell you Moor means black lmao.


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