1250-1300; Middle English: "foolish, stupid, senseless"; Old French: "silly, simple, careless, clumsy, weak, poor, needy, stupid"; from Latin: nescius "ignorant, incapable, unaware"; literally "not-knowing," from ne- "not" (see un -) + stem of scire "to know"

Looking at "nice" from another angle you can see "n-ice" or "in ice".  A calcified pineal gland(seat of the soul) is a pale color that most resembles ice or snow.  A nice (foolish) person has limited to no wisdom, knowledge of self or their surroundings (as within as without).  True wisdom and knowledge of self manifests as a light within that expands out and radiates with heat(ether).  As light is life, life is love, wisdom the light of man; anything "nice" is truly the anti-life or the anti-Christ, however you'd like to say.  True love is warm water and a beautiful beach on a sunny day.  No smiles in a blizzard.  Be cognizant of those whose speech and actions deem them as "nice".

Wisdom is the elixir of life (progression).  The nice(foolish) finish last, if at all.

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