early 15c. Latin: immersus, past participle of immergere "to plunge in, dip into"; immerge; -im(in) + mergere "to dip"

merge: verb. 1630s. Latin: mergere "to dip, immerse, plunge into water; compare to Sanskrit: majjati "dives under"; Lithuanian: mazgoju "to wash"

When you get back to nature aka back to yourself, you are actively immersing your true self back into the divine essence (the spirit that gives life to all). Your true self was born from water, the celestial seas of Amma Mama and the Most Highs.  Water is life, life is love.  Be love (13love).  The outside you/the false version/alter/"the old you" has been outside of the truth (the water) suffocating, confused, fearful, hateful, ignorant.  Death is the only destiny for those attributes.  Though, when you choose life(your true self), you're no longer just a vessel going to and fro on this earth; you've transformed into a divine spirit that's apart of "the all".  All is love, love is all.  "At your best, you are love."

The immersion back into self can also be viewed as an act of washing ones impurities away; becoming pure in mind, body and spirit.  The sun/son is also known to purify, so dive under the sun to become one with the essence.  Rebirth your true self so you can live forever out here as clarity daily.  Be still, stay holy, come back home.

An abstract view of IMMERSE would be IM + MEERS.  I is the 9th letter in the alphabet, M is the 13th letter.  9/13.  MEERS is a variation of MOORS/MUURS.  Amor/Amar/Moor also means love, eternal, immortal.  9/13 MOORS.  Love lasts forever.

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