Also haaf,  Baltic: lagoon; separated from open sea by a sandbar; German from Middle Low German: haf  "sea", related to Old Norse, Swedish: haf  "the sea, especially 'the high sea'"; Danish: hav, Old Frisian: hef, Old English: hæf  "sea," perhaps literally "the rising one" and related to the root of heave.

Heave: verb. before 900; Middle English: heven, variant (with -v- from simple past tense and past participle) of hebben, Old English: hebban "to lift, raise; lift up, exalt" (class VI strong verb; past tense hof, past participle hafen), from Proto-Germanic: hafjan (cf. Old Norse: hefja, Dutch: heffen, German: heben, Gothic: hafjan "to lift, raise"), from Proto-Indo-European: *kap-yo-, from root *kap- "to grasp"

Let's look at these meanings in reverse.  To heave is to lift, raise up, exalt.  Haff is from the root of heave and means "sea, the high sea, the rising one".   We can connect the dots and say heaving is the act of lifting or exalting something/someone up to the high seas.  Add an "N" to heave and you get HEAVEN.  Heaven is literally "the high sea".  Water is life and life is love, so it only makes sense that love would be "heaved" into heave-N (a higher realm of being/a higher vibratory state).  Heave-N can be seen as "heave is within/with N".  N is also the 13th letter in the Greek alphabet as M is the 13th letter in the alphabet.  In other words, N is M and M is N as "heave is with M or heave is with 13".  13 is the highest vibratory state a being can reach on Earth.  Reminds me of the saying "home is where the heart is".  That's why it's extremely relevant and important to love ourselves and have a heart lighter than a feather in these last days, so when that time comes to be exalted, you'll reach Haff/Heaven with ease as a being full of 13Love.  Life is love, love is enlightenment and light produces heat.  Only fitting that The Most Highs reside in the Most High Seas of sunny days and warm waters.  Let us rise up and honor our Mothers and Fathers and let the heaviness of the outside world fall into the abyss before it's too late.  Clarity Daily® is needed to maintain purity in order to swim in the purest waters.

At our best we are who we were created to be.  13Love from Heaven.

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