c.1590-1600.  Compose + -ure; composition; tranquility, calmness.

Compose - verb; c.1400; Old French: composer: put together, arrange, write.  Com + pose; "com-" is "with"; "pose" is to place; Latin: ponere/pausere: to put, place, lay down, to cease; position

Position - noun.  c.1325 Middle English - a positing, a placing; Latin: positionem: "act or fact of placing, situation, position, affirmation.  c.1540 "Proper place occupied by person or thing"

To keep/maintain/gain your composure is to stay/place/gather order of your being/energy.  Order can be used as another term for law.  Composure can be broken down to mean Com(with) + posure(order).  Law and order go hand in hand, law and life go hand in hand, life and love go hand in hand.  The law is "The Way"; that narrow path to eternal life aka being "Forever Out Here".  One of the keys to life is gaining and maintaining composure.  Say we've been split and scattered into 12 pieces(zodiacs). Gaining and maintaining composure would be gathering the 12 pieces and mastering each to become 1 or whole again.  The middle/mid-EL.  13.  Zero point.  A wholly/holy sun, a star.

Composure also ties back to composition aka "with position".  Compositions deal with music, lyrics and poetry.  Say we're all songs of our Great Mother, meaning we're all records on her album.  In music terms, a record is a song.  We need to know who we are so we can play the correct song/role/instruments with the right notes "with position" on her album.  She is the greatest album of all time and only features the brightest stars.  Regain that position.  Album is AL-B-UM/MU 13 13 13.  Only way to remember ourselves and to be ourselves is maintaining composure aka staying in our pyramid/self.  You can't let the outside distractions of the world put out your focus/fire.  Be.

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