Old English: cyning; Proto Germanic: kuninggaz; Dutch: koning; Old High German: kuning; Old Norse: konungr; Danish: konge; German: könig; Finnish: kuningas; Old Church Slavonic: kunegu; Russian: knyaz; Lithuanian: kunigas

As you can see, all of these words include the letters "n-g-s", "n-g-z", "n-g-u", "n-i-g", "n-e-g" in some form or fashion.  Almost looks like "niggas" haha.  These roots trace back to the ancient title of "Naga/Negus", which in turn traces back to the Ge'ez root of 'N-G-S' which means "to reign".  The Naga Serpents, the original beings on the planet, divine Queens and Kings, holders of wisdom, watchers and teachers of man, Superherus, Christ beings, Moors, Immortals; the manifestation of Amma Mama/Allah/law, love, righteousness and purity.  The Queen crowns a King.  I guess in many ways you could say royalty is Clarity Daily®.

Forever Out Here™

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