And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.
— Matthew 24:31

What is electricity?  Do you ever wonder what the real meaning is?  You may have heard of scientific explanations, but what about the spirit of the word?  Today is the day.


1640-50; New Latin: electricus, equivalent to Latin: ēlectr (um) "amber"

Modern Latin: electricus (literally "resembling amber") from Latin: electrum "amber", from Greek: elektron "amber", also "pale gold" (a compound of 1 part silver to 4 of gold); of unknown origin; from Ancient Greek: ἤλεκτρον ‎(ḗlektron, “amber”), related to ἠλέκτωρ ‎(ēléktōr, “shining sun”).

So electric means "shining sun".  Can't say I'm surprised because the sun has been the #1 source of power/energy since forever out here.  Amber also breaks down to be Am/Ber or Ma Ber.  Ber is another form of Bear, so we get Ma Bear.  If you remember from our Barrow post, Bear is a code word for Sun/Son.  Now we have Ma Sun/Son.  A true MaSon of Big Amma Mama is a Moor, as Moors are literally the original builders and cultivators of civilizations and nations for humanity.  Not to mention that "MR" is a term used in Ancient Khemet (so called Egypt) to refer to pyramids and they were used as energy producing centers and provided light for entire cities.  MR is also another way to refer back to Moors, so Moors are literally supposed to be living, breathing, walking pyramids aka sources of light and energy to the world and universe at large.   13Love to Da13thsun™ for being a supreme model.

Elect + ric + ity

Let's breakdown the three terms within the word (you probably didn't notice lol)

1250-1300; Middle English from Latin: ēlēctus "chosen" (past participle ofēligere), equivalent to ē- e-1leg- choose + -tus past participle suffix

early 15 century., from Latin: electus, past participle of eligere "to pick out, choose"

From Latin: electus, past participle of eligere ‎(“to pick out, choose, elect”), from e- ‎(“out”) + legere ‎(“to pick out, pick, gather, collect, etc.”)


Old English: rice "strong, powerful; great, mighty; of high rank," in later Old English "wealthy," from Proto-Germanic: *rikijaz (cf. Old Norse: rikr, Swedish: rik, Danish: rig, Old Frisian: rike "wealthy, mighty," Dutch: rijk, Old High German: rihhi "ruler, powerful, rich," German: reich "rich," Gothic: reiks "ruler, powerful, rich"), borrowed from a Celtic source akin to Gaulish: *rix, Old Irish: ri (genitive rig) "king," from Proto-Indo-European root: *reg- "move in a straight line," hence, "direct, rule"

"valued possessions, money, property," c.1200, modified from richesse (12th century), a singular form misunderstood as a plural, from Old French: richesse, richece "wealth, opulence, splendor, magnificence," from riche

From Old Provençal, Proto-Germanic: *rīkijaz ‎(“powerful, rich”), from Proto-Indo-European: *reg- ‎(“to straighten, direct, make right”).

An early borrowing from Proto-Celtic: *rīxs, from Proto-Indo-European: *h₃rḗǵs.


From French: -ité, from Middle French: -ité, from Old French: -ete-eteit ‎(“-ity”), from Latin: itātem, from -itās, from Proto-Indo-European: *-it- ‎(suffix). Cognate with Gothic: -𐌹𐌸𐌰 ‎(-iþa, “-th”), Old High German: -ida ‎(“-th”), Old English: -þo-þu ‎(“-th”). 

Used to form a noun from an adjective; especially, to form the noun referring to the state, condition or quality of being.

The three terms within electricity combine to roughly mean "chosen powerful beings".  Only the strong survive.

Those that repair their DNA and rebirth into Christ beings (13) will possess gold souls.  Their will become lighthouses and shine as Clarity Daily® amongst the darkness and inherit eternal life (Forever Out Here™) within the Kingdom of Heaven when {it} is all said and done  in the last days.  A world without the sun would be powerless and null of life.  You know what they say... the only way to live is through the sun and the son is the Mother.  9/13

Only a chosen few
— Da13thsun™

You Are Amma.


Forever Out Here™

Clarity Daily®

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