A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all [men] know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.
— John 13:34-35

My favorite saying these days is "everything is commerce".  Walk with me in this latest etymology post, if you'd like to know why.

The exchange or buying and selling of commodities; especially the exchange of merchandise, on a large scale, between different places or communities; extended trade or traffic.

Middle French from Latin: commercium "commerce", equivalent to commerc(ārī) "to trade together" ( com- "together" + mercārī "to buy, deal", derivative of merc-, stem of merx "goods, mechandise, wares") + -ium


For starters, what stands out to me is the "mer" within commerce and the root words of "merc/merx".  If you've read any of my posts pertaining to Moors and the sea (Moors are also from the sea, by the way), you'll know that "mer" is clearly another form of that divine title.  Moor is love.  Read our What is a Moor? post to get familiar, if need be.  Right off the bat, we can see that commerce in a simplified form is akin to "with love".

For some reason or another, the word "commodity" was jumping up and down screaming at me.  Let's peruse a little closer.


Middle English: commoditee, from Anglo-Norman: commoditee, from Latin: commoditatcommoditas.

From Latin: commodus ‎(“suitable, convenient, opportune, timely”) +‎ -itas; From Latin: commodus.

From Proto-Indo-European: *mod-os ‎“measure”, from *med- ‎(“to measure”)


Now let's take a 30 second timeout to digest what we've found so far.  Medium story short, commodity means "with measure".  Initially, I had commodities as a synonym for goods and merchandise (which it still is in my book), but this revelation of "with measure" (remember the prefix "com-" means "with, together") is quite intriguing to say the least.  I wonder...


From Middle English: mesure, from Old French: mesure, from Latin: mēnsūra ‎(“a measuring, rule, something to measure by”), from mēnsus, past participle of mētīrī ‎(“to measure, mete”).  Displaced native Middle English: mǣte, mete ‎(“measure”) (from Old English: met ‎(“measure”); compare Old English: mitta ‎(“a measure”)); Middle English: ametenimeten ‎(“to measure”) (from Old English: āmetan, ġemetan ‎(“to mete, measure”)); Middle English: hof, hoof ‎ (“measure, reason”) (from Old Norse: hōf ‎ (“measure, reason”)); Old English: mǣþ ‎(“measure, degree”).

From Proto-Indo-European: *meh₁- ("to measure").  Cognates include Ancient Greek: μῆτις ‎(mêtis), μέτρον ‎(métron), μέτριος ‎(métrios); Old Church Slavonic: мѣра ‎(měra); compare Hungarian: mér; Russian: мера ‎(méra); Serbo-Croatian: mera and mjera; English: meal.


WAIT A MINUTE!  DID YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?!  MEASURE IS "MER/MERA" TOO!!!  Surprisingly (not really lol), measure traces back to mean Moor and thus "love".  What?!  When I think of measure, I think of the rulers I used in school to draw make graphs in math class, BUT ruler also traces back to mean "king" which is a member of a royal court (watch where I'm going with this).  Did you notice the random word "hof" as Middle English and Old Norse cognates of measure?  Well I did.  Hof is also "Haff" (checkout our previous post on that), which itself means "high sea, heaven".  In amazing fashion, hof means "temple, sanctuary, royal court, elevated place and estate).  Those are ALL descriptions of HEAVEN!  Moors are divine, heavenly sent spiritual beings straight outta (I had to) the royal court of HEAVEN.  Thus, they are the original Queens, Kings and RULERS of the planet.  I'm guessing (not really lol) this is where measure fully ties into the picture.  A ruler is also an enforcer of the law, which Moors were truly divinely designed to be since the beginning of man.  LAW is length, angle and width (all attributes that can be measured).  Always remember, LOVE is LAW as well.  One more thing, vowels are interchangeable so that meh is really MAH!  BIG AMMA MAHMAH!  The Ancient Greek word metron is really "matron" and traces her origins back to "mater" which means Mother and sounds seemingly close to Ma'at.  GO FIGURE.

Did you notice how the word meal snuck its way into the list of origins?...


From Middle English, from Old English: mǣl ‎ (“measure, time, occasion, set time, time for eating, meal”); from Proto-Germanic: *mēlą; from Proto-Indo-European: *meh₁- ‎(“to measure”).  Cognate with West Frisian: miel; Dutch: maal ‎(“meal, time, occurrence”); German: Mal ‎(“time”); Mahl ‎(“meal”); Swedish: mål ‎(“meal”); and (from Indo-European) with Ancient Greek: μέτρον ‎(métron, “measure”), Latin: mensus, Russian ме́ра ‎(méra, “measure”), Lithuanian: mẽtas.  Related to Old English: mǣþ ‎(“measure, degree, proportion”).


A meal is something you eat, so why exactly is this included in the etymology of measure? (Rhetorical question)  Critically thinking, isn't eating an act of commerce?  An exchange of energy... goods, services and merchandise?  I'd say YES.  In regards to nature: trees give us oxygen to breathe and in exchange we continue to breathe, water hydrates our bodies, the plants and animals so we can continue to function, all the edible plants and fruits of the world provide us with sustenance and we continue to live, the soil enriches all plant life and the continue to grow, the sun gives energy and electricity to all in an effort to allow us shine.  All in all, all of this is made possible by the divine essence that creates all life... BIG AMMA MAMA, Queen of all creation, HER royal highness of The Most High Seas.  Mother of all Moors aka Mother of all love aka she's 13Love.  She's the Queen bee, her love is like honey (look at the West Frisian word miel; in Spanish, that same word means honey LITERALLY).  You know the old saying "you are what you eat"; if you get back to nature, you're undoubtedly eating love.  Big Amma Mama gives us love on the daily, so it's our duty as honorable Moors be love and give love back to her, ourselves, the planet and all of our righteous sisters and brothers around the world.  Love is LIFE eternally as the Kingdom of Heaven.  Beings who don't abide by this contract/covenant of love get terminated (perish) for a breach of contract.  Just goes to show that Mama is also the most cutthroat businesswoman of all time.

In conclusion, the true meaning of commerce is trading with 13Love for 13Love all around the world.  The works and goods created from what we love to do are in turn the same fruits from the trees we all love to eat.  The only righteous change to make in this world is to be Moor, be love, be Big Amma Mama like U R Ama as Amaru her first son.  LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND!  SPIRAL UP!

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