1866, from French: calorie, from Latin: calor (genitive caloris) "heat", from Proto-Indo-European: *kle-os-, suffixed form of root *kele- (1) "warm" (cf. Latin: calidus "warm", calere "be hot"; Sanskrit: carad- "harvest", literally "hot time"; Lithuanian: silti "become warm", silus "August"; Old Norse: hlær, Old English: hleow "warm")


From Latin: calor "heat"; caleo "warm, hot; glow"; From Proto-Indo-European: *ḱal(w)e-, *ḱel(w)e-, *k(')lēw- ‎(“warm, hot”)

Simply put, a calorie is heat.  Traces back to the Latin words calor and caleo.  I can't help but to say "Ka Lord" and "Ka Leo" in my head as I read these two words.  In so called Egyptian, Ka means "spirit, life force, essence".  In Latin, Leo means lion.  The lion is also used as a symbol to represent the sun and royalty.  Lord is another term for shepherd or planet keeper/watcher aka a true Moor.  All throughout history, "Th Lord" as been manifested and represented in the flesh through his son(s); he is also known to be the "King of Kings".  Sol is also sun in Spanish and Latin.  In the bible, the Lord's Prayer is Matthew 6:9-13.  There goes that 9/13.

A true calorie is heat emanating from the spirit/sol(soul) of the Lord (Hashem).  After all, the Lord is the son/sun.

Yeshua answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of Hashem.’”
— Matthew 4:4

Perhaps this is why it has been said we're like trees and only need sunlight and water once we become "right and exact".  The Sanskrit meaning of naga is "trees".  Sunlight produces the most heat out in nature.  As within, as without; we also have a sun/sol within us.  "Solar Plexus". "The Most Highs dwell within".   The Incan sun god was called "Inti"; in Spanish ti is tu and tu means "you".  The sun is "In You".  The Sumerian sun god was called "Utu"; looks like "you too".  Sounds like something Da13thSun has said in a few videos; "I am you and you are me, we're all 13."  Getting back to nature and having love for self and others cultivates and strengthens our sol/sun within.  Numerical value of "green" breaks down to 13 as well.  Green seems to be one of the most prevalent colors found in nature.  Interesting.

Who knew sunbathing and loving oneself could be like a full course meal.  Meal looks like Me+Al (Allah/Allat/Amma/13).  Looking at this from a higher angle, love is our bread and butter.


Food for thought.

Heat is water.


Hamed Saber  /  Foter  /  CC BY