Written by Muurxitaw Kirkland Bey

Chorus 2x

When they came on deez shores all they saw was Moors, all they saw was Moors, all they saw was Moors


Verse 1

From Jamestown to Charles Town on to Nu Orleans

They stripped us of our rights as th natural beings

Now erthang don't mean Wat it seems


Th problem is yall fell for th lies 

N when ish go wrong u wanna cry

Th time as come to rise up 

Th veil been lifted they time up


Th Spanish Inquisition

They was on mission to get me n u away from tradition

Now todey erbody out here itchin

Don't realize th lightcodes they missin


Real Americans Copper colored people

Now they got praying under a steeple

Cherokee washitaw and th lumbee

Seminole Iroquois n Muscogee


Dis was th names b4 for we got tricked

Put us in sharecroppin u getting whipped

When u kno th truth ets a trip

Some still wanna have picnics


Killin our own when used to have thrones

Trickin us in our own home

Treatin yall like dogs fetchin bones

U lawless sorry don't condone


Turban n crowns on our heads

Now yall zombies like Da walking dead

Had trees dat grew plums n peaches

No wonder we like Sandy beaches


Turtle island Wat we called et

Took our land u thought they bought et

Th Treaty of Friendship n Peace

For th record but u still outta reach


Had a hundred years to get right

Now all u wanna do is fight

They played a trick on u real bad

Keeping u distracted wit a frickin rebel flag


I kno th truth hurt et gotta b told

Too many ppl losing they soul

Build each other up Wat u gotta do

We bout humanity how bout u


Instead of worried bout a come up

Get ur study up

Cauz Satan n her minions gone try yo luck

Ain't no time for runner ups


Gotta change ur ways

To see better deyz

Gotta stray from th purple haze

All I gotta say they gotta pay


Here come th showers

When we had th power

But they got us wit th mayflower

But dis is it.......dis Th final hour


Chorus 2x

1492 they came n traded places wit me n u

1492 tellin th truth now Wat u gonna do