Written by KMAC El Bey

I see all the ins and outs of this life we live, I AM wise with my decisions and wise with my time (The Owl). I watch from above as the people move cluelessly, unaware of the dangers around them, right in front of their face (The Leopard). I see everything but I AM unseen (The Puma). I AM headstrong, divine, sacred, a True Moor and leader (The Bull). I Am strong, being alone makes me strong, I fight through pain and all obstacles (The Tiger). The world is behind me and can't keep up with me because I stride towards my destination and information comes to me at a fast pace (The Cheetah). I AM Melanin-Rich, protector of my queens, I'm swift, elusive, agile, and I conquer my enemies and my prey with one strike (The Jaguar). I Am intune with all my senses, I see the seen and unseen, I hear what's heard and what isn't, I AM aware of my surroundings, my feet are in between both realms (The Lynx). I fly high in the sky, I stand higher than the bull, I bask in the sun, staring at the world through my rearview (The Eagle). I AM the head of the pyramid, watching over everything, my land, rising up my brothas and c-stars so we can all fly high (The Hawk). No one can match my speed nor match my sharp eye, I can spot a rat and a snake from miles away while flying high in the sky (The Falcon). I break through any obstacle holding me back, full of brute force, when et's time to attack I mobilize all of my forces and destroy anything and everything in my way (The Ram). And last but not least I AM a Noble Man, a leader, a protector, a loyal, King (The Lion). Th Lion Man with many heads.