Written by KMAC El Bey

In order to be one with nature you have to be one with self. In order to be one with self you have to be one with nature. In order to master the 4 elements you must master your body because your body consists of the 4 elements. 

Be one with th Water because you are made up of 70% water. Water is invincible and cannot be destroyed only ets shape can be altered. Be untouchable, indestructible. Be clear, be invisible, and solid as a rock. Be th Water.

Be one with th Fire because your soul is filled with fire. Fire resides in your solar plexus and that heat keeps your whole body warm. Th fire burns off any invader. Th fire burns up anything harmful to you. Th fire burns up anything that's useless or irrelevant. But at th same time, th fire heals and can heal anything in your body. Th fire helps you quicken peacefully. Th fire makes your food and drink soothing. Be fierce, but calm. Be mighty, but humble. Be dangerous, but full of love. Be th Fire. 

Be one with th Air because air is the reason you live. Air is ether and et's all inside and around your body. You cannot touch air but air can touch you. You cannot see air but air can see you. Be unseen, but powerful. Be the manipulator, be the manifester. Be full of life. Large, small, smooth, sharp. Be nothing but everything at the same time. Be th Air. 

Be one with th Earth because you come from th Earth. You were birthed out of dirt and are made up of all Earth's minerals. Be full of nutrients as th Earth. Your soul shall be rich as th soil of Mother Earth. Spiral as everything on th Earth and when necessary, you quake and destroy everything as th Earth. Be th Earth.