Written by Famos Amos Bey

Queen: I love to write, it allows me to go within and get answers to all of my daily questions and I also love gardening because "your health is your wealth you know". Will he water my seeds and add some fire to my journal?

King: Yah willin' I will not only water her seeds, I will also run her bath water, cook and do chores around the house and all et takes to make her smile. You know what they say "a happi wife is a happy home" ... add that to your journal for some fire :)

Queen: I love dates, yea going out is fun too but I mean the fruit "date" lol... "let me stop, I can be silly at times". Will he make me laugh always and forever cuz I need that six pack always and forever? mmhhmm (lil ron ron voice)

King: lmaoo, I can appreciate her sense of humor and I love to laugh, I think sometimes I smile a bit much causing my cheeks to hurt. I used to have one of those laughs that was so contagious it would make others laugh and they would beg me to stop laughin. And we would laugh and laugh until we just about passed out. In other words, I think I can help with her six pack lol

Queen: I am devoted to TMHs and enjoy my space and privacy. Will he have a problem with that?

King: I too enjoy my space and privacy to connect with TMHs and do my rituals, devotions, have alone time in meditation, nature, etc so I would definitely respect her space and privacy.

Queen: I know the saying that goes "women are very emotional"... well, it's not that we're emotional... we're just emotional ok haha jk. How will he handle my emotions whether it's up or down on any given day?

King: It's easier said than done but let me take a crack at et. I feel it's always important to listen and observe more than trying to "handle" anyone's emotions to start lol Being supportive in her ups and downs and listening to her thoughts and feelings is key in understanding her emotional responses to anything.

1 Peter 3:7; Colossians 3:19; Ephesians 5:28;

Queen: I would love to have as many children as TMHs allow, few or many as long as they are healthy. Will he be a great father and example to our children?

King: I feel the only way to know who one is or how they would treat others is to see how they treat their Mom/Dad, loved ones, those around him and last but not least to see one's actions and how they treat themselves. Yah willin' I know I will bee the Best Father/example a son/daughter could ever have and will be ecstatic to share in responsibilities. Being around my nieces and cousins taught me a lil' sumthin' sumthin' haha.

Queen: I love me some poetry! Especially when a King writes from his heart. Will he write me some poetry to stimulate what's inside of me?

King: She is the flower that inspires painters to paint. She is the water that inspires poets to write. She is Poetry and my canvas is her heart. Yah willin' I will fill my pen with everlasting ink from Ammas waters to constantly write her renewed poetry and stimulate what's inside of her.

Queen: Been hurt before you know... Heart was hardened for a while but now open thanks to TMHs. However my experiences have taught me to be vigilant and more aware before I make any sudden decisions. Will he be someone that I can trust?

King: Trust is key in any relationship especially a relationship founded on TMHs. I would say to trust TMHs spirit within me or anyone for that matter because the flesh can be deceiving at times. I tell people all the time I don't trust the Devil in them but I trust Yah's spirit lol. Trust is deeper than the surface, it's founded upon Th laws of Torah and based on following these laws there will be trust in any given relationship unless one goes outside those boundaries.

Queen: Many fun boys nowadays, but few Kings in sight. Will he be the Sun to my moon?

King: We are living in interesting times, I don't know whose who nowadays...sh*t crazy lol... Yah willin' I will be her Sun, her planets, the galaxy and every particle big or small within/without me that she needs me to be.

Queen: This world is crazy and a Queen needs to feel safe in and out of home. Will he protect and make sure to keep me and mine safe?

King: I agree with her. I need protection my damn self in all this madness going around lmaoo. In all honesty, we are always protected by TMHs first and foremost as long as we do TMHs will. After the TMHs I will always be there for her as her protector and warrior.

Queen: Community is very important to me because Unity Makes Strength and Division is just so Demonic. Does he will me? I mean feel me?

King: Yea I will yah Queen. I know Unity is Strength because we have a prime example in TLC on how many like minds are coming together to build in 13Love from all nations around the world. Division is just Satan's tactics against TMHs children trying to cause confusion and disorder but Satan and his minions should be shakin' right about now cuz TMHs prophecies are coming to past and TLC is the gathering of many nations. ThAnkh Yah for a true dynasty that supports righteousness only.

Queen: I'm not selfish but... I don't share and what I mean by that is I don't like to share my King with anyone... so when it comes to my King... I am selfish I guess, cuz he is mine lol. How will he feel about this?

King: lol I most certainly agree and I don't think that's selfish at all; especially when it comes to sharing anything of mine lol Truth be told, I agree that one man should be with one woman and vice versa and this is also according to scripture. As long as we both shall live I will be hers and she will be mine and of course we both belong to TMHs first and foremost.

1 Corinthians 7:1-5

Queen: I love realness. I don't like any of that fake ish like makeup and practically how 85% of people are in this world. I come as is, flaws and all. Will he appreciate this Raw and Organic Me?

King: Woman I love et Raw ... Fruits, Veggies, Natural Hair on the body, No makeup, etc etc all of that lol Just the way TMHs made her. Keepin' et Real with me is one of the key foundations in any relationship and goes right there with Trust because trust is not only what is said but what is shown via energy and physically as well. Remember, when your fat friend would ask "how do I look" with a "revealing" outfit when ya'll were going out and you wanted to tell her the truth but afraid to hurt her feelings or idk maybe you did hurt her feelings and kept it real lol I love when those around me keep et real. I mean, if I got a bugger in my nose just let me know, that's appreciation and shows how much you love/care for me enough to not let me get embarrassed :)

Queen: "A dynasty that palils together stays together" The only way we can grow through all obstacles is via TMHs through palils. Will he be devoted in palils with me through good and bad?

King: I agree on that quote 100% based on my experiences. When I would ask Mom and Dad close to 40 years of marriage how they put up with each other they would say only Yah and palils kept them strong. There is a reward full of grace, mercy and humility in palils and I feel TMHs open our hearts to have temperance, loving commitment and to forgive. A light heart is needed in any relationship in order to grow through any situation.

Queen: I love affection, hugs, kisses, and to Feel Realness with kindness. Will he be up for the task?

King: Et would be a sin to describe such affection that is a necessity in any relationship as a "task". I feel et's important to let her know daily how much she is loved, hold hands, and show her appreciation in the same manner we talk to the flowers/plants so they may grow right. We should also show 13Love to one another in such a way to constantly water that seed from within.



**Random dialogue of thoughts in a women's/men's mind towards opposite sex. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned with a side of kickin' th bo bo :)**