Written by Famos Amos Bey

> All is Vanity, Vanity is All
> Journey filled with experiences, some Heavenly, some Ba'al
> All they wanna do is BALL
> Basketball, Football, they idolize Y'ALL. 
> When TMHs said don't do IT at all

> All that glitters ain't gold
> All who whispers are Cold
> TMHs gifts you cannot measure
> Satan plottin' to give you borrowed treasure
> Treasures you can't take to heaven
> Satan and crew will rise and fall like 'leven.

> Searched high and low through vids, books and some mo'
> Until I palil'd, humbled self and seen serpent eyes glow.
> A subtle yet deep connection more than anything I've ever witnessed before.
> Been through ups and downs but we steady knockin' on heavens door. 

> Searched for riches, plenty jobs
> Material gains, at times got robbed
> Females.. a few, but what's Th point
> Lower sex, another illusion in this joint.

> Food comes in, then goes out
> Satisfaction is temporary without a doubt
> Heart broken, heart mended
> What's a heart without TMHs candid
> Picture GREAT times, remembered by pictures and vids
> We steady reminisce of times of how we once lived

> Sun comes, Sun goes
> Moon wanes and wax that ass. Oh!
> All is a cycle, repeating daily.
> Vanity can be pricey or piss poor maybe

> All is VANITY without HER
> Ask her for Wisdom and you'll never doubt her
> Stop abusin', rapin' and killin' her
> Cries and blood reaches heavens doors so Amma always remembers her
> Her son will always protect her
> Her community will always respect her.

> All in all I cherish Th All
> For this test of Vanity helps us to see our Fall
> For if she would RISE to BEE
> She would have to learn what not to bee.