Written by Famos Amos Bey

TMHs Domain

Loin, Chin, Colon, Shin, Spleen, Abdomen, and Brain

Her Wisdom is likened to Rain

Sun shines, cloudy skies and recycles again


Mission... to Glow

Nose, to elbow, from planting Big Toe

Some ask "what's the point"

Foot, natal cleft, throat, heart, and 13 Major Joints


She has Th Plans

In hand, Pineal, Pituitary, Thyroid, and Adrenal Glands

Fruits and Veggies from Th farm

Nutrients for our thumb, arm, palm, cerebellum and forearm


Breath deep in diaphragm

Recognize you dwell in TMHs kingdom

Digest through urinary system and rectum

Body wouldn't function with out the Nervous, circulatory, respiratory, and reproductive system


She is our neck, cant make moves without her

Always got our front and back, so never doubt her

Ears to Hear and Eyes To See

Crown... Th Hair covered with Turban like Bee


Serpent wisdom like Th Adder

Wise Shoulders, Gluteal fold and our bladder

Yoni is likened to Pudenda

Thankful for our scapula, popliteal fossa and medulla oblongata


Trials are necessary, Nothing a Waste,

From lips, chest, armpit, breast, wrist, pharynx and waist

The fake amongst Th Real

Like Adam bruisin' head of the snake and it bitin' his heel


Death present like Cain killed Abel

From skull and bones, clavicle, nipple, down to our navel

Billions of cells in Th Temple,

Moslems, muscles, knuckles and ankles


Knee for balance, Eat Beans for Th Kidney

Eye lash to protect pupil and iris from hot sun and debris

Buttocks to sit, Cheeks for Dimples

Stay Instep and no gluttony in Temple


Teeth to Chew, Stomach to digest

So much illness in hip and surgery on pancreas

No smoke in lungs, keep Temple pure

Colon Detox regularly and yah won't need a cure