Written by Famos Amos Bey

13Love Is a Seed. Seed is Life. Life Is Goooddd. Good can be positive and/or negative. Positive and negative is Balance. Balance is Ma'at. Ma'at is Th Earth. Earth is Th heart. Heart needs Th brain. Brain resembles intestines. Intestines and Stomach do they thannggg. :) Stomach filled with fruits & veggies makes yah Soul Happi. Happi is Th Essence of Hashem. Hashem is Mind, Body and Spirit. Mind, Body and Spirit is Tru Temple. Temple is where Th Els dwell. Our dwelling must be clean. Cleanliness is next to Yahliness. Yahliness is Godliness. Godliness is yah highness. Your highness had fallen and now is Risin'. Risin' to higher purpose/self. Higher purpose is to seek TMHs. TMHs love you so much. So much so they repeatedly tell us to get our monkey asses back to nature. Nature is Mature. Maturity are those who let go off childish ways and take responsibility for all thoughts, words and deeds. Our thoughts, words and deeds are a reflection of our heart. Heart is pumpin' for Joy in anticipation of all cuzzos uniting once again. Unity Makes Strength. Strength is opposite of weakness. Journey is not for the weak. Bee Strong and Courageous. Strong is a mustard seed. Mustard Seed is likened to Faith. Mustard Seed is smallest but outgrows All. Faith without works is Dead. Death is Hate. Hate is opposite of Love. Love is TLC. TLC is Th Lords Children. Th Lords Children are Th Light of Th world. 13LOVE