Written by Tranquility Kat

The bird in the cage sings with glee, she never stops until the sun set.  The bird always sang toward the window.  She would flap her wings, pretending she was flying out the window.  Inside the metal bars is the bird's sanctuary.  The bird in the cage envisions what was past the window.  Upon the sun rising, the bird sings and sings.  The window was opened and another bird from the outside hopped on the window sill.  With the bird's sharp, intense eyes, he watches the bird in the cage happily singing as the sun rises.  She was gracefully happy, he wonders why she was singing in a small space, surrounded with metal, when all the singing belongs to the outside world.  The bird sitting on the window sill saw how much happiness the bird in the cage had.  He wanted to release her happiness for the world, for the trees to feel her happiness.  The bird flew away from the window and came close to the cage.  He could not get past how much joy the bird inside the cage had.  He pecked and pecked at the metal until he got tired.  The bird inside the cage was attentive to the pecks as she continues to sing.  He stops pecking and flew back to the window sill.  He watches the bird inside the cage, wondering if she will ever stop singing.  He decides to to sing with her.  The bird inside the cage stops singing.  She realized that she was not alone and began to flutter her wings as a sign of protection.  The bird singing on the window sill sang once more, and she heard him again and began to fly around the metal bars.  The bird inside the cage had mighty wings that the small door from the cage opened.  The bird outside by the window was amazed to see her strength.  She flew to him by listening to the lovely sound vibration from him.  The bird inside the cage was blind, she never saw the bird sitting outside the window until he sang to her. Together, they flew out the window, flying towards the rising sun.  He continued to sing for her to guide her to the sun.