Written by Dugi Sol

There was once a fool who boasted about his generosity yet never gave.  He bragged of his wisdom but only foolishness left his mouth.  He was content that he could defeat any opponent yet he never trained.  Reading?  Nonsense.  Studying?  Pointless!  He deemed himself too knowledgeable to waste time in learning.  His days were spent complaining and his nights were spent tossing and turning.  He never worked because he considered common tasks to be unworthy of his time.  He would point out everyone else’s flaws but cowered from his own.  Anyone who entered his presence soon found their way right out of it as quick as possible.

He soon found himself alone with only his own sickness to keep him company.  By madness and depression, he devised a plan.  He would punch Hashem to prove to the world that he was worthy of praise.  In a fog of resentment, he set forth to the nearest mountain.  Mindless rage boiled in his weak mind as he climbed to the peak.  Daydreams of power and G-dhood diluted what minuscule reason he had.  In fact, he considered this endeavor to be one of his most brilliant.  Once he reached the mountain top he began shouting and flailing his arms.

“Come here Hashem! I’ve come to punch you square in the face!  I’ll show you! I’ll show everyone that I’m the best!”, said the fool.

Tears of frustration streamed down his face when he received no reply.  Meanwhile tears were on Hashem’s face as well, tears of laughter.  The fool couldn’t fathom that Hashem was not revealing himself.  Anger blinded the fool as he began punching and kicking the air like a toddler who didn’t get their way.  The fool screamed in annoyance and stomped the ground in tantrum.  He tossed around with such disarray that he lead himself clear off the mountainside.  He tumbled down the slope.  His rag doll body was tossed around like a plastic bag in the wind.

“Why me!?  I haven’t done anything wrong!  Why do bad things always happen to me!”, said the fool as he crashed onto a flat surface of gravel.

Hashem looked down at the fool as he met his decline.  His arms were in unrepairable condition. The fool stood there blubbering in tears as he looked down at his mangled arms.

“I’m sorry Hashem. I’m sorry! I am just a fool.”, said the fool.

Hashem looked to him and said, “Do you not see that your anger ruins you yet has no effect on me?  You will destroy yourself by your own devices.  Now you have lame arms due to your own actions and no one else’s.  When you feel pain, you apologize.  Where was your good sense when you sought out to attack me?”

“You’re right. I am empty, driven by pain.  I am truly sorry.  All I ask for is forgiveness…”, said the fool, who was now one step closer to becoming a man.

Hashem said, “I will do you a small favor.  I will repair a single arm but the other will remain in its current state.  When any one asks about your injury you must tell them the truth.  If you do not tell the truth, the arm I have repaired for you will become broken once again.  Let go of your hate, child and remember those who gave you life can take it away just as easily.”

Thus, the man who lost his arm would never forget his place again.