Written by Dugi Sol

There was once a city where no one ever shut up.  All day long they wasted their breath with chatter.  Dragging on for countless hours about pointless things.  Strangers would shout and argue all day about which distraction was the most distracting.  Shouting contests full of half formed rebuttals and ill directed points would fill the streets.  The commotion went on until everyone was far too tired to utter another senseless word.  So, they slugged back to their homes and turned on equally pointless television debates so that their minds could be derailed just enough to catch some sleep.  Upon waking up, they would shout and moan about how terrible their sleep was and how awful the TV debate had been.  Afterwards, they’d call one of their thousands of friends and whine for hours about what they could have, would have, and should have done.  Noise was their drug of choice.  They ran from their thoughts by drowning them out in flimsy conversations and mind-destroying music.  As to be expected, this town rarely had any visits.  Travelers would pass through with great urgency.  Those that spent too much time touring the city would often find themselves caught up in the mindless babble.  The unluckiest of them would never find their way back out.

The citizens of this town talked themselves into an early grave.  Day by day their minds were drained of thought until they became shells of their former selves.  They let out every bit of their minds until they were medically brain dead.  Those that were lucky only suffered from permanent vocal cord damage that rendered them unable to speak.  The chatter box inhabitants became enraged when those mutes did not reply to their lip flapping.  They were driven out and found refuge in a quiet nearby town.

For the first time in their lives, the mutes were met face to face with an old comrade, silence. At first this angered them, they strained to speak but their mouths made no sound.  They ran around looking for something to distract them but all they found were quiet people minding their own business.  They banged rocks on the ground to break the silence until their arms were too tired to go on so they laid in exhaustion.  The only choice now was to marinate in their thoughts and face their problems rather than cower from them.

Silence caught up with them and they were forced to practice the ancient art of STFU.  At first, the silence burned them.  They yearned for entertainment.  The thoughts within their heads nearly drove them mad.  They resented the lack of noise.  After a while, they grew a bit more comfortable with themselves.  Clever ideas floated around in their heads, never before seen, hidden beneath piles of distraction.  Oddly enough, they found that they actually quite liked the activity in their minds!  Their thoughts were valuable indeed once they took a bit of effort to develop them.  Silence became a tool rather than a fear.  Being alone became ideal rather than a nightmare.  With time, they realized that this golden silence was the exact remedy they were missing in their lives of emptiness.  Et made them still so they could calculate their position.  The ever-present essence of silence seeped into their bones and revealed to them what et meant to be whole.  Their problems and worries melted away in a warm ocean of focus.  Silence wrapped around them like a mother’s hug.  Quietness brought them joy like the sweetest love.  They felt at home within themselves.  Bliss, guidance, and wisdom found them deep within the hallways of their minds.  For the first time in their lives, genuine smiles were seen on their faces.  Jubilance laid deep in their eyes.  Happiness radiated from them as they went about their lives with a new perspective.  They appreciated life to the core once they took time to listen to what she had to say.  All their lives they talked aimlessly to try to feed a hunger within themselves but in the end a closed mouth is what got them fed.