Written by Shaneli Bey

A beautiful forest of ancestral trees surrounded the mountains.  Et all started with Th Mother planting one seed on top of the mountain.  She gave the seed an abundance of water.  Th Mother watched her seedling grow and grow until the tree began to sprout.  How happy was Th Mother.  She spoke to the tree, "I will make sure you sprout beautifully and create an abundance of many other trees."  The sprout was dancing when she heard how fruitful she will become. 

Many years have passed and Th Mother said to the tree, "Look at all the trees you have created."  The tree moves her branches and said to Th Mother in return, "Et is all you Mother, for you have planted me and gave me love to create this forest."  Th Mother smiles. "I will always be in you while you continue to nurture your kind."  All the trees surrounding The Grand Mother Tree brushed their branches as a sign of happiness and joy.  The Grand Mother Tree said to all her kind, "We will spread all over the mountains and create life."

More years have passed, all the trees certainly surrounded all over the mountain.  A mother, father, and child came about the mountains; they were looking for a home.  The Grand Mother Tree sensed their presence.  Th Mother said to The Grand Mother Tree, "Go and give them a home.  Allow these trees next to you be given as a blissing from me."  The Grand Mother Tree saw the trinity and she blew a great wind towards them.  The child turns and felt the wind.  The child tells her mother and father, "Ma, Pa, look!  These trees have allowed us to chop these nine trees to create a home." The father said to the child, "How sure are you beloved?" "This Grand Tree right here blew wind in my ears and told me," said the child.  The father listened and created a home for his tribe. 

They lived around The Grand Mother Tree as she knew the child was pure and had a connection to Th Mother.  The child came to visit The Grand Mother Tree everyday upon rising.  She became her guidance.  The Grand Mother Tree shared her forest with the child and even helped her navigate around to find food and water.  The child's mother and father were so pleased, they always gave ThAnkhs to the creator, Big Amma Mama for everything they received. 

One Moorning, the child came to visit The Grand Mother Tree as she always did.  She noticed something wrong.  She spoke to The Grand Mother Tree, "I feel that you are ill, what can I do for you?" The Grand Mother Tree leaned her tree branch next to the child's cheek.  "Ahh, my child, you are strongly connected to this forest. You know what is to come."  The child grew confusion. "Mama tree, I do not innerstand.. what do you mean?"  The child sits next to The Grand Mother Tree to listen to her story.  The Grand Mother Tree begins to speak, for only the child can hear.  "You see, everything around you was created by Th Mother, Big Amma Mama. She gave you life.  This forest of many, many trees belong to Her.  There are some things you do not know.  I feel great pain for this forest.  From the other side of this mountain, many of my children have been chopped down without consent from Amma.  The forest began to dry because of this extreme hot weather and many of my trees withered by a disease.  This great pain is connected to my roots.  The disease that is spreading from this forest has effected me.  You see from my bottom branches?  They are dying from the disease."  The child began to fear and tremble.  She knew The Grand Mother Tree was dying.  "Oh please, what can I do to help?"  The child said.  The Grand Mother Tree smiled.  "Oh child, you are always here to help, which is why I am allowing you save this forest.  Here." The Grand Mother Tree gave the child seeds.  The child looks up, putting fear aside and opened her heart with much faith.  The Grand Mother Tree caressed her cheek.  "Big Amma Mama will guide you, as I will help you plant these seeds across the mountain.  You must go alone my child."  The child looks behind, her home where her mother and father live.  The Grand Mother spoke to the child with ease, "Do not look back my dear, have faith in Big Amma Mama.  She will protect you."  The child looks at The Grand Mother Tree and gave her a hug.  "I will protect and renew this forest for you Mama Tree and Big Amma Mama."  The child left and and packed her stuff.  The mother and father saw their child packing her stuff.  The mother and father smiled.  The child walked toward them and hugged them.  The mother's calm voice spoke, "Your father and I were paliling while you were with The Grand Mother Tree.  Big Amma Mama sent us a message and we will not hold you back.  She designed you to save her forest.  Now go.  We will palil for you as you travel across this mountain."  The child nodded her head and began her adventure. 

Days have passed and the child arrived to the other side of the mountain.  She saw many trees cut and other withered.  She did not allow her emotions get to her as tears from her eyes came running.  These tears were not of sorrow, but of joy that Big Amma Mama has chosen her to plant The Grand Mother Tree's seeds.  Roots came above ground as The Grand Mother Tree guided her where to plant.  She planted her seeds as her tears watered the ground.  As she finished, she laid down on the soil, looked up at the sky and paliled.  She rested for a couple of days next to the planted seeds. 

The child rose one Moorning and saw a sprout.  She jumps up and down, singing praises to Big Amma Mama and giving her ThAnkhs.  She heard a great voice from the sky.  The voice spoke, "My beautiful daughter, look at the ground.  This sprout emerged from the soil because of your grand faith in me."  The child got down on her knees and praised the grand voice.  "Oh Big Amma Mama, I am so filled with Yah grace.  I am honored that I saved the forest with Yah guidance and The Grand Mother Tree as well.  ThAnkh Yah."  Big Amma Mama said to the child, "I will give you and your mother and father many fruitage as you spread all over this mountain and many Moor."  Big Amma Mama reached for the child with the sprouts around her.  All the sprouts were dancing as the child danced and rejoiced all together.

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