Written by Famos Amos Bey

She's Th Priestess to his Priest Status

Status Is Everything


He's Th Red to her Blue

Purple is their Royalty


She's Th Flow to His Tension

To heal him is her calling


He's Th Nine to her Six

Together they so Divine


She's Th Water to his Fire

Original MaSun


He's Th Yang to her Yin

They bring balance and

So much power when they do their thang


She's Th Empress

He's Th Emperor

Together they govern Th Empire


He's Th Hare to her Turtle Pace

Together they Will Win the Race


She's Th Deep Blue Sea

He's her Sting Rays

Both sensitive to feelings of others and

Will get through any Deys 


He's in to Giving

She's Th Receiver

It's in their Nature to go on Living


She's Th Neck to his Head

He's Th Warrior, she Guides him Instead


He's Th Key to her Womb

Closed Pandoras Box

Opens up Her Treasure Chest


She's Cold-Blooded

He's Hot-blooded

Temp stable, both warm-blooded


He is Neo to her Trinity

One kiss, sealed Th Union

Brought Divinity


She's Venus to His Mars

Together they are MOOR than conquerors


He's Th Exterior to Her Interior

As Above so Below

As Within so Without 

Nothing without Th Other


She's Th Wisdom to his Knowledge

Experience links them together


He's Th Looker, while she looks away

Hopin' that he Will come her way


She plays Smart, so Patient

He Learned Wisdom, to not Burn

But to warm her up along Th Way


How would he Walk without her Moon

How could she Shake without his Sunshine


She's his Intuition and he's her Expression

No plan can come to pass without both of their Vision


He is her Shoulder to Lean on

She is his Hiding Place

With Grace and Mercy they are able

To remain Strong


She dwells in Secrecy 

Her Ways are to be Searched Out

He is Th Searcher doing Research

To find her Hidden Treasures


He is Th Heart that pumps blood for our Salvation

She is Th Breast that gives suck to All of Creation


She is his Soul where Kundalini Rises

He is her Spine that Bridges Wretched and Divine


She is Th Glow to his Smile

He does Everything to make Et Worth While


He's Electric to Her Magnetic

They say opposites Attract, they know opposites Unite


She's Th Inner Earth

He's Th Earth

She is Th Essence from which All Life is Birth


Her vibration helps him to sing

His singing brings her comfort

Both hummin' to Th Rhythm of TMHs 


Give her some Mangos

She will Help that Man Go


Give her Avocados

She will Give him them Light Codes


Together they Rise

Agreeable and Disagreeable

Positive and Negative

Ups and Downs

Rights and Lefts

Good Deys and Bad Deys

Sunshine and Rain

Rich and Poor

Life and Death

Through Thick and Thin

Amma Amma Ahmen


**This writing is lifecated to Th Queens and Kings rising on their Throne. 13Love/Trez Amor**