Written by Ciro Alma Bey

Where does the essence in a seed reside until her time in need?
Does she dream of a dream of her life in spring?
Does she journey places unreached, pockets & seams?
Learning in stillness until her time to rhyme?
Watching in patience through an illusion of time?
Where do oceans go when they rise onto land?
Do they walk amongst the soil, traveling through times of sand?
Do they percolate deep into halls where Love innerstands?
Or perhaps a dream w/ the clouds, a sense with no ground.
Only to Remember the truth.
Homeward bound.
Where do sea sons go?
Do they travel abroad to a place foretold?
Do they bring joy to the young & to the old?
Do flowers walk with them as they reach other lands?
Or do they remain hidden to bring about Anu again?
What are raindrops thinking as they water the Earth?
Do they bring wisdom & nurture the turf?
Do they freshen the trees with a healthy glow?
Coat the soils with a knowledge flow?
Are they bringers, givers, up-lifters & supporters?
Our sisters, our brethren, ancestors & recorders?
Using wisdom from heavens unseen, but known in the hearts of minds that are keen 13