By Dugi Sol™

An iron door swung open and on the other side stood a polar bear with a scar across his right eye.

The polar bear looked at a tall bearded man named Rol and said, “Ah you stand before me in search of gold? How with heavy pockets will you release the old?”

Rol responded with, “By a heart with light features I become a new man. By the Most High’s Grace I forge a new plan.”

The polar bear nodded respectfully, stepped aside and said, “I am Golt, you are welcome to enter.”

Rol and his younger brother Mikon walked into the hallway and entered a den lit by lanterns. As they stepped in the den they saw a woman dressed in white robes and gold jewelry. She had a purple glow around her body and a loving expression on her face.

The mysterious woman greeted them, “Welcome to my abode. I am happy to see your safe arrival. I am Morila. Do you have any questions before we proceed?”

Rol stepped forward and said, “Greetings Morila, I am Rol and this is my brother Mikon. Thank you for allowing us entrance into your organization. We will not fail nor disappoint you.”

Morila said, “Very well, let us not waste time.” She then pulled a small cloth sack out of her pocket and said, “Here are the seeds Rol. Once they are planted return to me. We will be preparing for your arrival.” She then handed the seeds to Rol with a smile.

Rol put the seeds into his pack and said, “Thank you. We will head out right away. Good bye Morila.”

Morila smiled as she turned around and walked down a dark hallway. Rol and his brother Mikon found their way out of the den and into the fresh air. Bees worked diligently in the fields around them humming and greeting flowers. The brothers walked through a valley of purple dandelions that were swaying under the impression of a steady gentle breeze. Beyond the valley was a towering forest.

Massive redwood trees stood on watch and bright green moss laid on the forest floor as a living carpet. The contrast of the dark rich soil and the bright moss was a beautiful sight. Mikon was laughing and running around the forest while his older brother Rol was walking calmly with a slight smile on his face and the mission on his mind. Rol sensed an uneasy feeling in his gut as they moved further into the forest. The presence of evil began to fill the air.

Rol turned to Mikon, pulled a handle from a sheathe on his back revealing a claymore that shined in the sunlight and said, “Brother, prepare for battle. Evil is amongst us.”

Mikon pulled the two scimitars he kept in sheaths on his waist and said, “Yes sir, no problem.”

A shadowy hooded figure dressed in black robes stood at the base of a mountain as the brothers approached. It stood facing the ground and wielding a rusted handsaw. The creature pulled back its hood revealing a face of extreme deformity. The creature’s face appeared to be horribly twisted from the center in a counter clockwise position. Dark exhausted bags rested under its cold dead eyes.

The beast opened its mouth and spoke in a whisper saying, “You may not pass. Your life ends here. In my bones I feel your fear.”

The creature then charged at the brothers flailing its handsaw and whispering nonsense to itself. Mikon was the first to engage it in battle as he swung his scimitars in fluent movements against the beast’s jittery attacks. The creature’s body didn’t move normally, its limbs only moved in short jolts but it was incredibly fast. Rol attempted to slash into the enemy’s back but the creature managed to block the attack and return facing Mikon to continue their battle. Both brothers were slashing at the creature trying to work a vantage point to land a strike. Rol swung at the beast who countered the attack and slashed his leg. Rol fell to the floor with a shout as he grasped the wound. Mikon saw his brother fall and became angry at the beast. Focus lit into the younger brother’s mind as his moves became more calculated. He slashed and dodged attacks at a greater speed than before. He was not going to let either of them die or jeopardize their mission. Fear flashed on the creature’s face as he began more franticly whispering to himself. It was clear the beast was panicking and losing composure. Mikon managed to land a hit on the creature’s neck to end the battle.

After the battle Mikon helped his brother clean and stitch his wound.

“What was that horrible thing?” asked Mikon.

“I am not sure. It looked like it climbed out of the tar pits of hell and my guess is we will come across more creatures of the same creed in the future.” answered Rol.

“Let’s keep a steady watch of our surroundings. It appears someone has discovered our plans.” said Mikon.

Rol nodded and went to lay out his rest mat to sleep. The brothers were no strangers to combat and had fought off many attacks during there years as merchants traveling frequently raided trade routes. The brothers made camp at the base of the mountain to prepare for the trek up it the next day. When Rol pushed on the following sunrise his right leg was trembling. At the top of the mountain the brothers saw an enormous expanse of dry sand dune desert.

The sand was loose and difficult to walk through. Dry heat saturated the air and dust was shuffled up as they walked. By this point in their journey the brothers became very tired. Their bodies ached as they crept across the desert during the final stretch.

A week of traveling through the desert had passed. The brothers no longer spoke; it became too bothersome. They mindlessly trudged through the desert. The water they had packed was nearly used up. They began seeing mirages of water springs and food stalls. Giving in to the temptation of a mirage could kill. The brothers had never encountered mirages before but their intuition urged them to stay away. They held onto their faith in The Creators and struggled on through the desert.

After a long and difficult travel, the brothers finally reached a crystal slab. They collapsed into the sand under the burning desert sun. Rol pulled the seeds from his pack and looked to his brother with a smile.

“We made it Mikon, this land marks the center of our new nation. I am proud of you, brother. You saved my life when you defeated that beastly creature; thank you. Greatness is upon us. These seeds, the trees that grow from them, and the life that prospers because of them will be the foundation of our future.” proclaimed Rol.

“You are welcome for everything brother. We couldn’t have done it without each other’s help. Life is good and the future will only get better.” replied Mikon.

Rol buried the seeds in the rough sand. He gathered the very last water they had in a cup and poured it over them. A bright streak of lightning shot across the sky followed by a crack of thunder. Rain began falling from the sky and continued to pour down for hours. The hot air matched with the rain was like a warm blanket. With open arms the brothers took the caps off their canteens to allow them to be refilled. The rain subsided and revealed that the desolate sand had transformed into rich dark soil. Little sprouts popping from the ground marked the prosperity of the future.

With fresh water they were able to make the journey back. The brothers arrived at the den. Outside in the surrounding valley stood thousands of women, men and children. Around a thousand soldiers stood amongst them with shields that were branded with the symbol of a golden honey comb.

They stepped in and found Golt guarding the door. Golt smiled and said, “Welcome back comrades, how has life unfolded?”

Rol replied with a sigh of fatigue accompanied by a slight smile, “Greetings Golt, we have succeeded. The seeds were planted at the designated area but there was trouble during the trip there. A grotesque man attacked us and nearly took my life. His face was madly deformed and he carried an old handsaw.”

Golt nodded and said, “Yes comrade. There are dark forces who do not want our nation to come into fruition. Fear not, The Creators will protect us from all adversary. Preparations of our departure have been made. We leave at sun rise tomorrow.” The battle worn bear handed the brothers a piece of bread each then said. “This is the first phase of the creation of our great nation. With The Creators on our side we will not fail.”

“I do not understand Golt. Who are these people who hate us?” asked Mikon.

“Comrades the world has been tainted with evil. Wicked men destroy the planet and themselves. In secrecy we have been in preparation for any obstacle. Now go seek out Morila, I am very busy at the moment.” answered Golt.

The brothers then found Morila in her office.

“My sons you have returned. I am very proud of you. The Creators are proud of you. Thanks to you we have solidified the birth of a new nation. To the right you will find a room where you can rest. Your families are on the way from their villages. I will lead them in once they arrive.” she said.

“We are humbly honored Morila. Forgive me if I cannot find the proper words. I am forever thankful for this opportunity. All thanks to The Creators. The future is bright.” said Rol.

“Indeed we are grateful. You put your trust in us Morila. Anyway we can aid the coming of this nation we will do so.” added Mikon.

The brothers rested to prepare for the departure. Their families arrived but let them rest because they looked exhausted. At sunrise the next day the thousands of nationals set off for their new homeland. They rose with the sun and would shine with the stars. With The Creator’s presence guiding and protecting them they walked proudly with their heads held high.