nothing really matters but the matter within ma matter private matters matter that's why matters should stay private matters matter of what facts matter when dealing in factual matters matter of fact matters are matters to be revered matters like oh matter dear no matters with deers caught in headlights true matters aren't in the spotlight like false matters true matters are deep water like matter that only matters on an ocean floor or the pinnacle of matter or zero point matters when speaking on real matters cause matter is only matter if matters come from the womb of all matters but most matters don't matter cause they don't matter in comparison to matters of heirs as they loom to regain true purpose back in that dark matter we call soil sealed matters never spoil never toil i love matters that matter in the grand scheme of matters like respect for elders in all matters high character and manners in tall matters tight lips no chatter when matters need a batter to hit a home run meaning matters stay matters at home like the right to bear arms if infringed upon in certain matters cause honest matters don't need the light of day unless those matters deal with matters giving praise and thanks for another day diverse matters to agreeable goals because unity always matters in all progressive matters beyond this current matter private matters are private matters and that's all that really matters love is life life is love and life matters love my sister love my brother and i really love my matters cause everything that matters in clear matters is the matter of my matter as 13Love matters