By 9Ether Sol13

Bee thankhful for Life
Bee thankhful for guidance from Th Most Highs
Bee thankhful for Ninesun Amaru Bey
Bee thankhful for Amma Mama Amoor
Bee thankhful for Ankhcestars protection
Bee thankhful to bee part of TLC bcuz someone else could be in yah place not you.
Bee thankhful for Th light yah have, Th Most Highs saw within us while learning lessons before we actively pursued Th Righteous Way. Cuz without that light we have, Th Most Highs would have looked passed & over us like the majority of the world that's being deceived by New Age deception. Not yah neighbor, not yah co-worker, not yah older sister & brother called yah mother & father, not yah past friends or past mates, but you, me, & the rest of TLC. Realize how great of a gift we have in our possession granted to us bcuz of our progression thru this maze they call the matrix.
Bee Thankhful 13Amoor