You gotta laugh to last.  Use presents to accept the past.  Own up to shit, that's a gift.  Carded.  Twenty-one, be relevant.  The future waits for no man, sow your best, represent, walk as a nomad, never mad, clever man always steps ahead.  Eloquence is heaven sent, foreign for the reign enough change to make a nation rich.  Unified unities, communities built with common sense.  No college, universal knowledge, Big Amma Mama is TH Principle.  Coincidental minimal to reasons the big picture chalks up to change seasons.  I AM THAT I AM, Th Chief of Chiefs with a yard of honey bees live from Miami Beach.  Experience experienced she was best qualified to teach, parables mold examples.  The tax bracket varies around the way so you know what they say from day to day to play safe pull out that Amex and charge it to the game.  Stay paid, plant based creme brulee.  I mean... 9.13