Written by Dugi Sol

A great lion stood at the edge of a perilous cliff.  Miles beneath his feet lay the terrible fate of jagged rocks.  Electricity rolled through the air as a hurricane brewed above the ocean below. From the lion’s perch he saw the lightning that danced on the storm’s surface.  As he roared the storm intensified.  Massive lightning bolts ripped across the sky.  Waves as tall as mountains barreled and crashed.  The lion let out a calm sigh and with his relief the storm subdued.  The clouds dissipated and out came the sun reclaiming his rightful place in the daytime sky.

The mighty lion strolled to a nearby Moringa Tree where he plopped down in comfort.  He fell into a deep slumber and with his rest the sun made his departure beneath the horizon while the moon rose for her night shift.  The lion awoke in the world of spirit.  Golden armor encased his body and a piece of purple linen cloth strung by a silver chain hung from his neck.  His regal mane drifted in the air as if he were underwater.  A deep purple glow cloaked his body.

The area he found himself in was frigid cold and drenched in fog.  Sinister whispers rolled in the icy air, but he did not falter to his surroundings.  The lion walked with courage and kept his head held high.  He had a task to complete and no wicked obstacle would deter him.  Past the valley of darkness there stood a palace of gold.  Massive purple banners stretched across its sturdy walls.  An intricate design of a bumble bee was impressed upon each banner.  Steadfast the lion approached his destination while paying no mind to the icy shadows around him.

The pearl gates of the palace swung open as the lion approached.  The cold fog faded away and was replaced by warm beams of sunshine.  Jaguars and panthers stood at attention as their King continued through the courtyard.  The lion was greeted by his lioness queen with a nuzzle and together they walked into a chamber room.  The room had white marble walls and a slick gray granite floor.  At the center of the chamber there sat a lion cub on a purple silk pillow.  The proud parents approached the cub and both kissed him on the forehead.  The father pressed his forehead against his son’s and let the linen cloth he wore on the silver chain slide down onto the cub’s neck.  The former king let out a thundering roar then pressed his forehead against his son’s once again and closed his eyes.  The tiny cub replied to his father’s roar with a heartwarming attempt, which was more of a squeak than a roar.  The mother nuzzled her sun with love and urged him to sleep with a gentle purr.  The cub obeyed his mother and sunk his head into the cloud-like pillow.  Deep into rest the young king went.

As the crowned cub awoke he found himself amongst a liter of three newly born cubs in the physical world.  His earth mother and father recognized his regal purple aura and rejoiced in the gift from the heavens the world had received.  The three cubs plus mother and father huddled close together in a blanket of love and royalty.  Soon the world would see the great changes the little king would bring.