I met you one time in 99 summer school lunch line

I was 14 you were 13 you smiled but I was too shy

Now you're 30 I'm 31 half lives passed by look what we've become

From your taste I see you're plant based

Skin glowing smile bright eyes filled with the divine

Essence commands a presence so effortless within seconds

Caught eyes we both recognized but what's the dialogue has it been too long?

We both hope one walks close to to approach before one grabs their coat

All those painted pictures I never reacquainted with this specific image

Are you married have children traveled around the world find your love within?

Fuck it stomach twisted I walk over say something corny laughter's the best reminiscent

Or remedy remember me that one day that Monday at lunch we caught eyes that what if has been a mystery

She was like I couldn't forget you and trust me Yah knows I've tried I used to hop in my car on the late night just to think of you and drive how you miss a man that never said hi but I could tell your presence within a second when I looked in your direction instant introspection thoughts went from math lessons to that man is my selection no second guessing you had me stressing messing up my breaths I felt a deep connection and then you went and got shy on me I was like there he go playing too fly for me but little do he know I'm his dove from above that rose from the concrete

As we sat she had me taken aback recollected the shirt she had on and my favorite cap replied with a matter of fact mentioned how her hair was hanging I could see her beauty from the back and a smile that was the melody of my soundtrack life is crazy you were 13 I was 14 what I look like walking up to say I love you will you marry me forgive me for being timid emotions I'd never dealt I couldn't help that was 99 I couldn't say how about Friday we do Netflix and chill I couldn't deal couldn't reveal how I feel how I felt was so real thoughts went from playing on the field to what type food would be our wedding meals your walk had a certain zeal mass appeal your love would be the stamp to keep me sealed

Hours passed by we laughed we cried never asked why remained thankful for the chance to fly if even for a limited time then we said our goodbyes and made our ways home the drive home was quite serene quiet a room a full of peace silence was golden like smooth jazz on a stream pulled in my driveway it was a Friday walked in and thanked my sister for being a babysitter found a quick snack to eat and took sneak peek to see my seeds asleep took a quick shower and hopped under the sheets and kissed my Queen I was feeling G like what's the deal I'm still not sleepy let's Netflix and chill you pick the movie she laughed and I said in that summer school lunch line in 99 I knew you'd always be mine divine aligns from dreams to reality with our 3 babies we shine daily

Kissed her once more and the cheek and suggested we do dinner again Friday of next week

  Photo credit:  Martin Bartosch  via  Foter.com  /  CC BY-SA

Photo credit: Martin Bartosch via Foter.com / CC BY-SA