Envision a world of global unity with every nation living in love & free.  Children are happy, living comfortably, playing around using their divine creativity.  Seeds are being planted, fruits growing in abundance on every tree.  Grass is green, no sight of browning, and all kinds of exotic birds singing & chirping.  Waters are pure & clean, we drink from the rivers & lakes freely.  Everyone sharing new ideas & thoughts, planning for the next harvesting season to share our fruits, veggies, and mental crops.  No one eats unhealthy, so our minds produce pure divine thoughts.  Fruits, herbs, veggies, and beans is all we eat, there's no need for sacrificing. Our animals are family, they help keep the ecosystem clean.  Clouds are white as snow, our skin shines bright with a glow.  Shining bright like the Sun above, stars we are, executing our divine part.  Our average lifespan is 360, that's infinite, we live on forever.  We're so clever, striving through every endeavor.  Never ending living, we just keep on expanding.  Consciousness continuously on the rise, we maintain a natural high.  Meditation is in session, we laugh in unity like an audience on TV.  We use telepathy, using our minds as the screen.  Pictograms, something sorta like a hologram, but it's seen from within.  When we look up above & around, we see family.  No they're not dead, just close enough to see them on another planet.  Eye've always imagined seeing many celestial bodies in close reach.  All it takes is one deep breath, close my eyes, & eye'll reach my destiny.  Everyday eyem one step closer to a complete spiritual transitioning, living with humanity in harmony.  Lion at heart, babylon can't tear eye apart.  Livin life worry free, eyem feeling so blissed there's no time for stress.  Empress by my side, she's relaxed and eyem flexed.  Imagine us all living on this planet, that's where eye plan to exist.  A planet of love, freedom, peace, justice, abundance, & infinite consciousness of divine righteousness 13Love 13Righteous 13Unity 13Vibration


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