In a thick jungle there was a small puddle within a hollow area at the base of a large tree. The way the trunk hollowed it created a protective cove. In this cove there was a collection of small frog eggs. These frog eggs were not ordinary eggs because they had a golden glow and any animal who tried to approach them was stopped by an invisible barrier created by the tree.  Many animals would come and watch these eggs in amazement waiting for them to hatch. They wondered what type of creature would emerge from the eggs and how it would affect their ecosystem.

During a lightning storm the tree which protected the eggs was struck by a lightning bolt, the tree was not damaged and instead amplified the bolt as it moved towards the base of the tree. The bolt headed straight to the eggs and once it made contact the ground began to shake. This lightning bolt sparked life into the eggs to hatch them and out from them came 13 golden tadpoles. The tadpoles new to the world were unsure what to do and stayed close together in their puddle. They learned to swim and became accustomed to each others presence. By the time the storm had passed many animals began surrounding the tree to watch the tadpoles swim. The animals then became adjusted to the tadpoles and went on with their lives.

By now weeks had passed and the tadpoles all grew a pair of hind legs. They were now able to swim faster but still unable to walk on land. Their new legs allowed them to maneuver the puddle better and they were thankful for their growth. With time the tadpoles began looking more like frogs and less like fish. They no longer had tails and grew another set of legs so they could walk on land. For the first time they were going to leave the protection of the tree and venture into the jungle.

One by one they hopped out of the tree’s cavern into the jungle. The new sights and sounds stimulated their minds and they became excited for their adventure. At first they had trouble hopping and would often fumble into each other but in a short time they learned how to hop with no difficulty at all. The 13 frogs began exploring the jungle in search of a new home. After searching for 3 hours they ran into a great pond with huge lily pads. This would be their new home to grow and learn. They spent their time swimming and having leaping contest to see who could hop across the pond on the lily pads.

By now the jungle animals started to notice the golden frogs and would watch them from a distance. Even the fiercest predators did not approach their pond. A curious lemur spent a few hours one day studying the frogs and the pond they inhabited. He began to realize some strange occurrences. For one he realized the frogs never ate food but loved to sun bathe. Also he saw that the pond they lived in had crystal clear water. He was unsure why and went on with his business.

The frogs were now growing into full adult frogs with dark golden skin. They had powerful golden auras that surrounded their bodies in a diameter of 13 inches. The frogs began vibrating on occasion and they didn’t know why. One of the frogs had a strange feeling in his throat and began to vibrate more than usual. When he opened his mouth a ribbit dispersed from his stomach that caused the jungle around him to shake. Huge waves of energy came out of the frogs every time they ribbited. Being unsure of the reason for these vibrations emitting from their ribbits they held off on ribbiting until they learned more.

A few weeks later the frogs were awoken by a low rumbling noise in the distance. They were all on alert and left their pond to investigate the situation. As they moved towards the noise it grew louder and they began to hear the noise of trees snapping and animals fleeing. Soon they realized the noises were being made by a squad of large metallic machines that were destroying their jungle. The frogs did not understand why someone would want to harm the place they lived. In the distance they saw the deserted remains of what was once a prosperous jungle. The frog who first ribbited and shook the jungle realized that his ribbit may be able to aid the situation. He began vibrating and let out a powerful ribbit. The air around him cracked and the jungle shook with energy. As the wave of energy approached one of the metallic machines the ground beneath it split open and the machine was swallowed. Witnessing this event the frogs now understood they were meant to protect the jungle and that their ribbit had great power. They all began to ribbit setting off an orchestra of vibrations that made the jungle tremble and caused the ground to open up beneath the machines to swallow them into the earth’s crust. They had successfully protected the jungle from the attackers.

Now that they had protected the jungle they stared off at the damage that had already been done. They all hopped into the empty space where jungle had once stood and looked around. The other animals now watched from the sidelines giving thanks to the frogs for defending their jungle. After doing this all of the frogs had a vision at the same time. The frogs saw their creators, The Most Highs, looking at them smiling proudly. The 13 golden frogs began to vibrate and hum in a soft tone to give thanks to The Most Highs for their gifts and abilities. They thanked The Most Highs for the jungle they had left and all the animals who were safe. The Most Highs activated a new type of ribbit into the frogs, this time when they created a ribbit the vibration was much calmer. As the vibration crept across the inflicted area new plants began to grow and water fell from the sky. With this new gift from The Most Highs the frogs were now able to return life to the part of the jungle that had been destroyed. The 13 golden frogs now knew their purpose and why they had been created. Life in the jungle continued to grow and thrive with the protection and care of the 13 golden frogs. The frogs knew that they were only servants and their powers were given to them by The Most Highs who were the true protectors.

   brian.gratwicke  /  Foter  /  CC BY