By 13 Tariq Moore-Bey

Crush the strawberries this the jam like Nas they shooting like ol simmity sam n bam bam had me 2 too live like Luke.... Skywalker Nostalgia had me dreamin bout violet blue skys vibes was too high childhood visuals had me subconsciously observing life beyond two eyes in the third grade elements was never taught in elementary back when voices in my head tried to tell me bout my history tuned em out tryna find out what flavor was the mystery airheads had me airheaded but not enough to pop a balloon headed youth with n imagination to advanced to be his first time peepin shaft while they was searching for them blues clues Already had a steez b4 steve n peers learned to use there elbow to sneeze a Young indigo Already knew the A.B.C's b4 I could read moms had The Jackson 5 on repeat Soul music...Then came soul Food past life so at first I refused slappin chicken outta hands "That lil boy so rude" Had to stuff it in my

Photo credit:  amira_a  /  /  CC BY

Photo credit: amira_a / / CC BY