What's light without heat?


Tell me what's a community if every body don't eat?


What's greed?


How does it feel to bleed your heart into a stream of subconsciousness to help a chosen few breathe for the first time in a long time?

Tell me how do you shine without a dime in a space after time?


Can you hear the signs?

See the sounds?

Taste the textures?

Feel the lectures?

Grasp the lies?


Can you let go?

Make love for the moon with your eyes closed mystery in the middle balance the highs and lows?


What's a seed?


What's a soul?


How you grow without being told?


Can you hold on?


How you stay warm without focus disregard of hocus pocus lay down the law like Moses?


Tell me who becomes chosen sweet and armor ready with thorns on a bed of roses?


Tell me do all dogs reverends go to heaven all lies crumble?


Can you be abstract well equipped Father facts sent in his name to end all struggle?


Just a couple questions I have... if I'm a man what is man-kind?


Though I am a kind man ancient kin bloodline royalty for lifetimes.


Only way to h(eat) is when the sun shines.

Dear Mama.

  Photo credit:  halfrain  /  Foter.com  /  CC BY-SA

Photo credit: halfrain / Foter.com / CC BY-SA