By Bey Hondo Tau

I am Bey Hondo Tau I aim past the best because I plan to be the greatest
I train the hardest to maintain my championship status
I work the hardest to improve my skills and always remain ahead of the best
them haters always tryna delay what they cant because I'm destined to be the greatest.
Any haters that doubt it come see me in the ring i realign you mind till its right. I'll hitcha with ah heel kick followed by ah two piece put that jaw bone work. Jamaican ital style with jerk veggies on da side extra spicy and hot with that extra zing to the taste.
I am Bey Hondo Tau nigga, I'm ah great one in da making for I'm mighty like the lion, tough like the mountain, strong willed and determined like ah bull, becoming wise like the serpent.
Yet I'm calm like the wind, humble like the leaf, but I'm deadly like the hurricane, and I'll cut threw like samurai's katanas blade Bushido style with a lil Jamaican behind my swing. my dread locks long, dark, and terrible like the night.
I am Bey Hondo Tau you haters cannot stop my light you cant keep me from shining nor stop my glow. that's why they mad they thought they had stop my flow they must not know.
my soul is not conquerable, my spirit is very determined, my mind is verystrong I can weather the storms and I stand very tall, strong and, firm. thank u Big AMMA and Father Hashem for giving me a soul that cannot be destroyed. thank you for life, and thank you for my gifts please help me on my journey to get right and be one of the greats.