The high anticipated collaboration by Heruankhamun & 13Clarity™ is HERE!  The cuzzo, Heru, representing Starseed Records™, laces each ORIGINAL track produced by 13Clarity™ with his own UNIQUE and ALL ORIGINAL flow for an ALL ORIGINAL project and sound you've never heard before.  From "Blood of a King Freestyle" to "3:13AM", the cuzzos will take you on an ALL ORIGINAL intergalactic journey with each record.  At 13 minutes and 33 seconds long, this is the perfect EP to vibe into and replay as you do your thing we call life on the daily.  Made available to stream, free download and/or purchase if you want to show your support for righteous music.  Either way, 13Love all the way around... ClarityDaily® x Starseed Records™.. Forever Out Here™

Track list

0:00 - "Blood of a King Freestyle"

1:10 - "Soon You Will See"

3:45 - "Naga Farmer"

7:06 - "Fuego Lagoon"

10:24 - "3:13AM"